How to replace shower runners

By Megan

6th Oct 2023

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Replacing your shower runners is a lot easier than you think. Follow our step by step guide and you'll have your new runners installed in a matter of minutes!

How to replace shower runners

Shower runners allow your sliding shower door to open and close. So when they become damaged or stuck, they can make your door a lot harder to open and close, which can get worse over time and become a real pain! 

Luckily, replacing the shower runners on your door is much easier than you think, so you don't need to worry about replacing a whole shower door. That is why we have shared this useful step by step guide to help guide you through the process of replacing shower runners.


What you need

  • New shower rollers - make sure that these are the same size as the previous rollers.
  • Screwdriver 
  • Towel or blanket - to protect the shower door and flooring.


1. Prep Your Workspace

Prep Your Workspace

Before you begin, lay an old towel or blanket on the floor to protect both your shower door and your flooring once you remove the door. It is important that you make sure your door and floor are protected to avoid an expensive accident.


2. Remove Shower Door

Remove Shower Door

Now you can start to remove your shower door. To do this, unclip the bottom runners by pushing the spring loader and pull the bottom of the door away from the track. Then all you need to do is lift the shower door away from the top track and place it onto your protected floor. Take care during this step as some shower doors can be heavy!


3. Remove Faulty Runners

Remove Runners

To remove the faulty or broken runners, you will need to slide the screw cap off the runner so that the screw holding the runner in place is exposed. Then you can go ahead and remove the screws using your screwdriver. 

Repeat this step on all faulty runners.


4. Install New Runners

Install New Runners

With the faulty runners removed, you can install your new ones. Make sure that you place the runners the right way up and ensure that the wheel is on the outside of the shower door. Holding the new runner components in place, you can secure them by screwing them into place. It is important that you don’t over screw the new runners as this can damage your door or your runners.

Repeat this step for all runners.


5. Add Shower Door to Tracks

Add Door to Tracks

Now you have your new and improved shower runners installed, it’s time to place your shower door back onto its tracks. Carefully lift the shower door and place it onto the top tracks. Then, on the bottom runners, push the spring lock down and push the bottom of the door under the tracks, releasing the spring lock when it is in the correct position. 


6. Use Your Shower Door With Ease

Use Shower Door With Ease

And there you have it! You have successfully installed your new shower door runners and will be able to effortlessly and safely open and close your shower door.


*Please note that some shower designs will require an alternate method. In this case, please follow the correct instruction manual to avoid any damage*



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