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22 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

  • By Trinity Owhe
  • |
  • 22nd Apr 2022
  • 5 mins read
Bathroom Style
Want to know how to make a small bathroom look bigger? Follow our guide for top tips on how to make the most of a small bathroom whilst keeping it stylish.

So, you’re wondering how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Well, outside of careful planning to make the most of the space you have, there are several little tricks and tips that will help to open up the layout of a small space and create the aura of a bigger bathroom.

1. Mirrors
2. Keep things open and avoid partitions
3. Tall Storage Units
4. Wall hung vanity
5. Wall hung basin
6. Countertop sink with floating basin shelf
7. Small open shelving
8. Unique storage
9. Simple colour scheme
10. Light colours and natural tones
11. Glossy tiles
12. Use the same tiles throughout
13. Lighting
14. Vertical radiators
15. Wall mounted taps
16. A small bath
17. Wet room screens
18. Mirrored cabinets
19. Texture
20. Corner bath
21. Ladder shelf
22. Similar materials and colours in your accessories

1. Mirrors

Bluetooth Mirror
Toreno 1000 x 600mm Landscape LED Illuminated Framed Bluetooth Mirror with Touch Sensor

One of the most effective ways to make a small bathroom look bigger is through natural light. If natural light is in limited supply, you can find ways to enhance the natural light that you do have. A great way to do this is through mirrors.

Mirrors are great because they help reflect natural light around your bathroom to make it seem more expansive. Mirrors also create a clever illusion where by reflecting the rest of the bathroom almost makes it look like your bathroom is twice the size it actually is. The bigger the mirror the larger your small bathroom will feel.

2. Keep things open and avoid partitions

The quickest way to make your small bathroom look even smaller is by creating lots of partitions throughout the space that will disrupt the natural flow of the room. So, it’s best to avoid that!

Instead of wall partitions perhaps play with levels or use different coloured floor tiles to zone specific areas. This will allow you to segment areas of your bathroom without using walls or furniture to block it off.

3. Tall storage units

Grey Wall Hung Storage Cabinet
Arezzo Matt Grey Wall Hung Tall Storage Cabinet with Matt Black Handle

Many bathrooms are narrow or have limited floor space. This makes tall storage units a great solution. With a narrow storage width that is more than compensated for by their elegant height, tall storage units are great for putting away all your bathroom accessories and appliances to avoid a cluttered feel that often eats into the visual space of a bathroom.

4. Wall hung vanity

Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit
Hudson Reed 1440mm Gloss Grey Quartet Double Basin Vanity Unit

An effortless way to incorporate some charm and character into your bathroom is through bathroom vanities. But, by opting for a wall hung vanity over a freestanding vanity it will ensure that you have optimal floor spacing without compromising on character in your bathroom furniture.

5. Wall hung basin

White Wall HUng Cloakroom Sink
Arezzo Curved Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin

If a wall hung vanity doesn’t align with your personal style, then a wall hung basin is also a great way to make a small bathroom feel bigger. Small wall hung basins like the Arezzo Curved Wall Hung Basin are great for cloakrooms and other small bathroom spaces.

6. Countertop sink with floating basin shelf

Countertop Basin On Wooden Shelf
Arezzo Matt White Oval Ceramic Counter Top Basin

Due to the minimalist aesthetic of countertop basins, once paired with a floating basin shelf this duo is a sure fire way to incorporate style whilst making a small bathroom seem bigger. Avoiding large vanity units frees up floor space and helps keep the room nice and open.

7. Small open shelving

It can be tempting to keep a small space completely devoid of accessories and exciting features, and embrace minimalism to the fullest extent in order to maximise your bathroom space. But you often have to forgo character and personality in your bathroom when taking that approach.

Open shelving is a great way to utilise wall space and a perfect replacement for wide and often bulky storage units with internal shelving.

8. Unique storage

Industrial Matt Black Framed Bathroom Storage Unit
Milan Industrial Matt Black Framed Open Shelf Bathroom Storage Unit - Wood Effect

If you do need to use larger storage units, it's best to make sure that they don’t take up too much floor space. Not to worry, there are certainly many If you do need to use larger storage units, it's best to make sure that they don’t take up too much floor space. Not to worry, there are certainly many refreshing bathroom furniture ideas out there.

Choosing storage units like the Milan Industrial Matt Black Framed Bathroom Storage Unit is the best way to get the most out of bathroom furniture. It features several compartments and will keep your belongings well organised and tucked away, reducing the sight of clutter in your bathroom space.

It also features a hybrid of open shelving and internal shelving, giving you the option of displaying your fancy bathroom products, and to tuck away any accessories that don’t match the vibe of your bathroom design.

9. Simple colour scheme

Traditional Bathroom Suite
Trafalgar Grey Sink Vanity Unit + Toilet Package

A simple and bright colour scheme can go a long way to make a small bathroom look bigger. Although maximalism can be a unique and inspiring style trend, you don’t want to overcrowd a small space with lots of intricate patterns and complex colour palettes.

If you want to add more character to a simple colour scheme, use bathroom accessories towel rails and toilet roll holders to add a unique and strong colour like brass.

10. Light colours and natural tones

Try to stick to more gentle hues of blue or green and utilise as much white as you can. This will help emulate the feeling of openness and airiness, resulting in a much more free and expansive feel to your small bathroom.

11. Glossy tiles

Grey Metro Tiles
Victoria Metro Wall Tiles - Gloss Dark Grey

Similar to using bathroom mirrors to reflect natural light, having high gloss tiles is a great way to make a small bathroom look bigger with tile. Just like mirrors, gloss finish tiles will reflect light around the room creating a bright environment. Glossy Metro tiles are a great tile to achieve this look with.

12. Use the same tiles throughout

A key dynamic in making a bathroom look bigger is continuity. Using the same tiles, or at least the same style of tile, on both your bathroom floors and walls will help create an expansive and continuous look.

13. Lighting

Globe Ceiling Light
Revive Matt Black 1 Light Semi-Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light

To make a very small bathroom look bigger, lighting should be a top priority. You want to ensure that every corner of your bathroom is lit up, otherwise dark corners may have a shrinking effect on your bathroom space.

Effective lighting can be achieved in a number of ways, from ceiling lights, to bathroom wall lights and even illuminated bathroom mirrors for a modern and up- to- date touch!

14. Vertical radiators

Brass Ladder Towel Radiator
Arezzo Brushed Brass 800 x 500mm 8 Bars Designer Heated Towel Rail

Much like the benefits of tall storage units, having a vertical radiator or ladder towel radiator will help elongate the walls of the room. Plus, choosing a vertical radiator over a horizontal one is a great way for saving wall space for other features you might want to incorporate on your bathroom wall.

15. Wall mounted taps

Brass Wall Mounted Taps
Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

This may seem like a small detail, but when working with a small bathroom space it’s the little things that can really make a difference. Instead of having a standard tap that fits into your basin, a wall mounted tap comes straight out of your wall. This is a great space saving option for two reasons. The first being that it frees up your counter or vanity space. The second is that all the piping for the taps is hidden discreetly in your bathroom wall.

Wall mounted taps like the Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Basin Tap aren’t just great at keeping things minimal but also have a great aesthetic vibe!

16. A small bath

Small Freestanding Bath
Snowden 1300 Small Modern Freestanding Bath

For those with a small family bathroom interested in making it seem bigger, you don’t necessarily have to strip your bathroom of its features. With careful planning and a small bathtub, you can definitely make a small bathroom feel bigger.

17. Corner bath

Curved Corner Bath
Venice 1500mm Curved Corner Shower Bath

If having a bath in your bathroom is important to you, but you’re worried about the limited space you have, a corner bath could be a great solution. They’re a great space saving addition to any bathroom and should you opt for a curved corner bath this will help with the natural flow of the room in contrast to angular corners.

18. Wet room screens

Black Grid Wet Room Screen
Venice 1600 x 800 Matt Black Abstract Grid Wet Room

Avoiding partitions in a bathroom can sometimes feel unavoidable, especially if you want to incorporate a designated space for your shower. But, a wet room screen like the Venice Matt Black Abstract Grid Wet Room Screen can help with segmentation without blocking off an entire area of your small bathroom.

19. Mirrored cabinets

Bluetooth Mirrored Cabinet
TorenoLED Illuminated 2-Door Bluetooth Mirror Cabinet with Motion Sensor, Shaving Socket & Anti-Fog

Just like having mirrors in your bathroom, mirrored cabinets will help reflect natural light around the room to make it seem bigger. Another great advantage to mirrored cabinets is the additional storage you gain whilst still being able to have all the benefits of a typical mirror.

20. Texture

Whilst you definitely don’t want to overcomplicate a small bathroom space, opting for textured surfaces over strong colours is a great way to make a small bathroom interesting and it will definitely distract you from its small size! Fluted decor has become increasingly popular, so designs like the Arezzo Fluted Glass Chrome Profile Wetroom Screen would be a great addition to a small space.

21. Ladder shelf

Wooden Ladder Shelf
Nostra Ladder Shelf Unit

Another way to take advantage of height when lacking in width when it comes to floor and wall space is to use ladder shelving. Similar to tall storage units, by having thin tall shelving you have designated spaces for all your bathroom accessories and products but without a boxy piece of bathroom furniture.

22. Similar materials and colours in your accessories

Brushed Brass Bathroom Acessories Set
Arezzo Industrial Style Brushed Brass 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Pack

This might not seem relevant, but this all feeds into the feeling of continuity in your bathroom. Going for bathroom sets will not only help with affirming the style of your bathroom but this will also help maintain a natural flow.

So, it’s definitely possible to make a small bathroom look big. You just need to utilise some clever planning and a handful of our tips to truly maximise the space you have, all whilst keeping your bathroom stylish.

Trinity Owhe

Trinity Owhe

Trinity is one of our expert bloggers in bathroom design and DIYs. Read her blog posts for the latest coverage of style trends and easy-to-follow guides.