How to Install a Sensor Tap

By George

15th Jun 2020

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Maintaining a hygienic bathroom has never been more important. With more and more of us wanting to adapt our spaces to be more sanitary, sensor taps have gone through the roof in popularity.

minimalist basin mixer taps

In recent months, all of us at VP HQ have been thinking about the ways in which we interact with our bathrooms. Of all of the fixtures and fittings commonly found in these spaces, we deemed basin taps the most prolific when it comes to human contact.

With studies indicating that handwashing 6-10 times a day could result in lower infection risk, these essential items should be experiencing heavy daily use. However, with that heavy use comes more opportunity for the spreading of bacteria and viruses through touching of the tap itself.

Sensor taps offer the ideal solution to this problem, allowing you to start the flow of water without touching a thing. This is achieved through the use of innovative infrared sensors, normally powered by batteries. Thankfully, these automatic taps are even easier to install than you’d think and the job can be accomplished by even the most amateurish DIY-ers!

Sensor Tap Installation in 5 Simple Steps

Please note: the following guide is based on the fitting instructions for the Apollo Curved Infrared Sensor Bathroom Mixer Tap. The installation will vary slightly depending on your tap so always be sure to check your tap’s specific instructions.

1. Turn Off Your Water Supply

Locate your mains water valve and switch it off. Then, run all of the hot and cold taps to drain any water still in the system. This will ensure you don’t experience cause any big spills during installation.

2. Remove Your Current Tap

Limber up and get underneath your basin to look for the nut that secures your current basin mixer. Remove it and then carefully pull the tap from the basin and detach it from your home’s pipework. This is usually the most frustratingly fiddly part of the job, so do not be put off if you struggle at this early hurdle!

3. Install Your Sensor Tap

Pass your new sensor tap and its inlet pipe and sensor cable through the mounting hole on your basin, then get down underneath it again. From here, attach the inlet pipe to the corresponding inlet point on your tap’s controller box then do the same with the outlet pipe (your water supply).

4. Wire the Sensor

Next, attach the sensor cable from your tap to the controller box. Once done, open the battery door on your controller and load it with the appropriate batteries. In this instance, this Apollo tap requires 4 x AA batteries that should ensure around 7 months of use.

5. Test and Tidy

With everything now wired-up securely, its time to test the tap. Turn your water supply back on at the mains and try to activate your tap by waving your hand in front of its infrared sensor. Congratulations on completing your sensor tap installation! Now you can tidy up by securing the controller box and any messy wires to the wall under the basin.

Our Top 3 Automatic Taps

Decided you’re gonna give it a go? Here are our top 3 automatic taps, all of which offer an excellent hands-free experience while boasting impeccable style.

1. Grohe Bau Cosmopolitan E Infra-Red Electronic Basin Mixer

Ultra-modern, angular, and of extremely high quality, this Grohe sensor tap is a strong choice for any stylish bathroom in need of a hygienic touch-free system.

2. Apollo Curved Infrared Sensor Bathroom Mixer Tap - Sleek and simple, this curvy offering from Apollo is our pick for minimalist bathrooms. A flawless single piece of chrome that puts function at the forefront of its design.

3. Arezzo Matt Black Infrared Sensor Wall Mounted Mixer Tap

The sensor tap for those who prefer an unconventional look, this matt black wall mounted option is a truly stand-out design. Bear in mind that installing a wall mounted sensor tap is a more complex job, however, and may require a plumber.

Enjoyed our guide but want more choice? Check out our full range of sensor taps. Need help installing a regular tap? Try our guide on How to Replace a Basin Tap.



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