How to Fit a Basin Waste

By George

29th Nov 2021

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A quick and simple way to freshen up your bathroom's style.

How to Fit a Basin Waste

A crucial but often neglected bathroom component, basin wastes allow you to fill your basin and easily empty it whenever you need to.

Now available in a wide range of designs, basin wastes are easier to install than ever before. To highlight this, we’ve put together a handy ‘how-to’ in order to teach you just how easy fitting a basin waste yourself is.

Why Should You Replace Your Basin Waste?

Though you’re unlikely to have given your basin waste much thought, it could be having a negative effect on your bathroom’s style. Wastes are prone to buildups of limescale and black mould that can be tricky to remove.

In severe cases, wastes can even become caked in rust. For obvious reasons, this isn't a good look to have in a space where cleanliness is key. So, if a deep clean doesn’t do the trick a new basin waste should be on the cards.

Older wastes, particularly those with a traditional pop-up basin waste, can be prone to mechanical failures. In these cases, we suggest replacing it with a modern ‘click clack’ waste.

Basin waste replacement can also serve to make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve recently made the upgrade to matte black taps, for example, a matching matte black basin waste can harmonize the look and bag you some extra style points!

How to Remove an Old Basin Waste

Installing from scratch? Skip to How to Fit a Waste.

You’ll need:

    • A bucket.
    • A set of pliers.
    • A cleaning cloth.
    • A screwdriver (optional).

1. Turn Off Your Water Supply

Just a quick precautionary measure to ensure you don’t flood your bathroom. Simply switch off the valve for your home’s supply (this is likely to be found underneath the sink).

2. Unscrewing Your Basin Trap

Place your bucket directly underneath your basin’s trap. Next, take your pliers to your trap and lightly loosen your trap from your waste until you are able to unscrew it by hand. Once the trap is disconnected, be sure to keep hold of its rubber seal; if you lose this you’ll need to replace it with a suitable O-ring.

3. Detaching Your Waste

Next, unscrew the large hexagonal nut securing your waste to the basin. Then, remove the waste’s rubber seal before detaching the waste completely. If the waste was sealed using large amounts of silicone you may need to use a screwdriver to gently pry it free.

4. Clean-up

Take a hot, wet cleaning cloth and scrub away any remaining silicone residue.

How to Fit a Basin Waste in 5 Simple Steps

You’ll need:

      • A suitable basin waste (check out our guide to basin wastes if you’re unsure).
        • A silicone sealant gun.
        • A quality silicone sealant.

1. Check the Basin

Though it may seem unimportant, making sure that your basin is completely clean and dry before installation is crucial. This will help you achieve a strong, watertight seal.

2. Ready Your Waste

If your waste came assembled (like in the image below) unscrew the hexagonal nut and remove the rubber washer.

Basin Waste Diagram
If your basin has an overflow, your slotted basin waste will have a 'slot' towards the top of its thread.

3. Align Your Waste

Carefully fully insert your waste into the cut-out of your basin. If using a slotted basin waste, be sure to align the slot with your basin’s overflow.

4. Sealing Time

Making sure that your waste sits flush in your basin, apply silicone around the top of the waste’s thread. Using your sealant gun, push this silicone into the gaps between the basin and the waste.

5. Reattach the Trap

Take the rubber washer and use it to push sealant further into the gaps. Next, screw the hexagonal nut on tightly, making sure to simultaneously put pressure on the top side of the waste to stop it from spinning. Reattach the waste to the bottle trap. Test for leaks before use.

Followed our guide correctly? Congratulations! you should now be the proud owner of a brand-new, fully functional basin waste. Perhaps a basin tap replacement is next up? Try our accompanying basin tap replacement guide to get to grips with the method.



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