hansgrohe Showers: A Spray Mode for Every Mood

By George

30th Jul 2020

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Unsatisfied with your current shower? Before you start shopping for a complete replacement we think it's certainly worth taking a look at your shower head.

hansgrohe Spray Modes

Responsible for directing the flow and spray type of your shower, shower heads often come equipped with changeable spray modes that can completely change the feel of your shower.

A brand new shower head can even be retrofitted to your current shower, completely rejuvenating it with several new spray modes. These variable modes, usually changed via twisting or pushing a button on your hand shower or overhead shower, can drastically change the feel of your shower’s jets.

With all kinds of showerers in mind, hansgrohe’s innovative shower designers have put a strong focus on creating more than 14 spray modes in order to cater to specific needs. So, with so many spray patterns to choose from, we thought we’d pick out a handful of our favourites; as well as our recommended hansgrohe shower head options.

The Diverse Spray Modes of hansgrohe’s Showers

Each individual in your household is likely to want something different when it comes to showering. Fully aware of these distinctive needs, hansgrohe has put emphasis on allowing you to tailor showers to your liking through a diverse range of modes.

The majority of hansgrohe’s showers feature a handful of these unique spray types built into a single hand shower or overhead shower. These heads are changeable on the fly, usually through the use of their intuitive ‘Select’ push-button technology.

If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be amazed at just how drastically you can change your shower experience by tweaking its spray types. To demonstrate, let us elaborate on three unique modes from hansgrohe’s range:

Massage - A concentrated massaging spray, the Massage setting provides a great means of relieving tension after long days at work and intense sessions in the gym. Especially effective around the shoulders and neck, the revitalising and refreshing mode firmly kneads the skin to mimic the sensation of receiving a massage.


IntenseRain - For luxurious, invigorating showers. IntenseRain is our favoured spray type for washing hair with its strong and concentrated flow having just the right amount of force to rinse out shampoos and conditioners with very little effort. Its intensity provides an energising shower in general, perfect for those who enjoy starting their days with a shower.


TurboRain - In need of something more powerful? The TurboRain spray mode offers pure exhilaration. A refreshing effect reminiscent of heavy rainfall, this mode is our go-to for those times where revitalisation is needed. It can also double up as an effective spray type for rinsing the shampoo out of particularly thick hair.


None of the above modes catching your eye? Luckily, hansgrohe showers boast over 14 spray types across their extensive range. These include RainStream, CaresseAir, IntenseRain, Massage, Mono, Rainflow, Mix and SoftRain.

Read on for a rundown of our favourite hansgrohe hand shower and overhead shower options. Alternatively, click to learn more about hansgrohe spray types.

An Innovative Hand Shower Option

This hansgrohe Croma Select S Vario 3 Spray Handshower is our highly versatile hand shower of choice. A sleek and stylish option that boasts a Select push button allowing you to cycle through its 3 impressive spray modes. You’ll also benefit from its impressive QuickClean nubs that make the removal of limescale deposits easy.

A highly capable shower head, the Croma Select S Vario covers all bases with its spray modes. Rain is the ideal choice for those simple, everyday showers; IntenseRain gives those early risers an energising start, while Turbo Rain provides pleasurable showers for people who enjoy truly indulgent experiences.

A Versatile Overhead Shower

With a built-in Select push button, the hansgrohe Croma Select E 180 2 Spray Shower Head is our highly unique overhead option of choice. Its minimalist design catches the eye but beneath the surface lies great functionality.

You’ll get two distinct spray modes (Rain and IntenseRain) as well as the same useful QuickClean technology featured in the aforementioned Croma Select S Vario. In addition to this, the versatile overhead shower can be fitted either on the ceiling or to the wall via a shower arm.

Enjoyed our introduction to hansgrohe’s spray modes? Why not check out our entire range of quality hansgrohe showers. Interested in learning more about hansgrohe’s latest bathroom tech? Try our guide to CoolContact: A Bathroom Safety Innovation.



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