hansgrohe PowderRain: An Indulgent New Way to Shower

By George

2nd Nov 2020

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Tired of underwhelming showers? This intriguing new hansgrohe spray mode promises to make every shower an experience.

hansgrohe PowderRain: An Indulgent New Way to Shower

Whether you use them to kick-start early mornings or rejuvenate before bed, daily showers have become an important part of everyday life.

Many of us have even started to actively look forward to this part of the day, seeing showers as a safe haven; a place in which to escape from the stresses that come with a demanding lifestyle.

It’s this growing desire for a bit of bathroom indulgence that has led hansgrohe to develop its latest bathroom innovation - PowderRain.

This new hansgrohe spray mode promises to provide users with a truly unique experience. One that can instantly take you out of the mundane and into an all-enveloping shower inspired by the rainforest.

Confident in their latest tech, hansgrohe decided to take it to the public. Their recent study* found that nine out of ten consumers agreed that they wouldn't go back to their old showers after testing it.

But what is it? And how does it work?

What is hansgrohe PowderRain?

Designed to give those indulgent showerers their own distinctive mode, hansgrohe PowderRain uses thousands of finely-tuned micro-droplets to create a luxurious flow that completely covers the user.

This soft and misty spray was modelled to replicate the extraordinary experience of showering in the rainforest from the comfort of your own home.

But how is this mist achieved?

Unlike regular shower heads, each and every nozzle on a PowderRain shower head has six tiny holes that work to evenly disperse the water into micro-droplets. This makes each droplet lighter and, in turn, softer on the skin.

The higher number of droplets also means that they cover a much wider area; wholly covering the user while also reducing the splash effect.

This is particularly helpful for those who lead busy lifestyles as it eliminates the need to spend time thoroughly drying off the surrounding shower area to prevent the build-up of limescale.

Speaking of which, hansgrohe Showers benefit from QuickClean technology which allows you to simply rub away limescale and other deposits from your showers head in an instant.

To add to the immersive experience, PowderRain is also whisper-quiet in use. This helps to promote relaxation and turns your daily shower into a truly meditative space.

Experts at the hansgrohe laboratory worked tirelessly to lower shower noise by 20% when compared to its standard Rain spray mode; without sacrificing any of its shampoo-rising power.

If the stellar benefits sound appealing to you, we’ve included a handful of new showers and shower heads that feature this mode, below. We think you’ll be impressed by just how easy it is to implement the new tech in your own home!

An Elegant hansgrohe PowderRain Shower

The sleek and modern hansgrohe Raindance Select S 120 3jet P is our favoured pick for those looking to replace an older shower rail kit. For the price, you get a quality slider rail, a 1.6m hose, and a feature-packed hansgrohe PowderRain shower handset with QuickClean nozzles.

The handset in question boasts 3 distinctive spray modes, including; Rain - a full-bodied spray great for blasting out shampoo and conditioner, Whirl - a unique massaging spray, and the aforementioned PowderRain. All of which are instantly accessible using the hansgrohe Select button.

Top off your bathroom with a hansgrohe PowderRain Shower Head

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current overhead shower or install a fresh new one, this sophisticated hansgrohe Raindance S 240 1jet P overhead shower would make a great addition to any stylish bathroom.

Its beautifully rounded shape and high-grade metal construction set it apart from the competition, but it’s far more than just a style statement. Being a PowderRain shower head, the Raindance S 240 overhead shower boasts that all-enveloping spray mode and QuickClean silicone nozzles.

If our intro to hansgrohe’s PowderRain spray mode has piqued your interest, we recommend checking out our huge range of hansgrohe showers. Want to find out more about hansgrohe’s latest shower tech? Try our wider guide to hansgrohe spray modes.

*1,500 consumers tested hansgrohe PowderRain in December 2018 with trnd, an interactive marketing community in Europe.



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