En-Suite Ideas 2023: Big ideas for small spaces!

By Trinity

26th Jan 2023

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Bathroom Ideas

Need a little ensuite inspiration? Here are some big ideas for your small ensuites! Make the most of a small space with our ensuite ideas!

En-Suite Ideas 2021: Big ideas for small spaces!

● Using Textures
● Best En-suite Layout Ideas
● Ideal Colour Schemes In Small Spaces
● What Mirrors To Choose In En-suites?
● Top Lighting Ideas For Small Rooms
● Working With Windows In En-suites
● Vanity Units & Furniture For Small Spaces
● Toilets In Small Spaces
● Adding Showers To En-suites
● Choosing Basins For En-suites

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Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

If you're struggling for ensuite ideas to get the most out of your small space then this guide is ideal for you. It can sometimes be hard to generate space saving ideas for en-suite bathrooms because many people just don’t know what’s possible. The amazing thing about an ensuite is that you can create a fantastically useful area, even within the tiniest of spaces. Whether you have a small budget or unlimited funds, all it takes to revamp your small ensuite bathroom is a bit of forward planning and inspiration!

Today, we look at some big ideas for that small space joined on to your bedroom, known as an ensuite!

2022 is almost here and we’re finding that a lot of our customers are getting their bathrooms ready for the start of the new year. You may expect en-suite design ideas limited for smaller spaces but, you'll be happily surprised to find that there are lots of ideas out there if you know where to look. Some of the best design ideas revolve around colour, texture and layout.



To obtain a contemporary en-suite design idea, gloss and chrome textures have been firm favourites for years. These reflective textures offer a lot to small spaces as they help enlarge a compact area by acting like mirrors and adding depth to the room. Chrome and gloss finishes can also be kept clean and dry with ease; always an added bonus when working in a tiny area which is often damp and suffers from low ventilation.

Bathroom tiles can also help create a spacious feeling within a small en-suite by adding more reflective surfaces. They're also easy to keep clean and maintain. For more inspiration using tiles in small spaces take a look at these 5 bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms.

Mileto Brick Grey Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile
Mileto Brick Grey Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile

Wood and brickwork have emerged as great options for a traditional design and they do look great in bathrooms; however, their lack of a mirrored finish can stifle a small room so please be aware of this if you choose one of these textured styles. Other earthy designs may have an adverse effect on creating a spacious feel too.



No matter how big the room you are designing is it will always feel cramped when it is cluttered. When you're considering small en-suite bathroom ideas: layout is one of the most important areas to get right. Reduce the amount of bathroom furniture to increase floor space and make the most of walls by using shelving and cupboards.

Always think about how easy it is to keep clean and move around when planning your en-suite layout.



Picking the right colours for your small en-suite can drastically change the way it feels. A confined space will certainly benefit from light and airy colours because they will create a bright and open feel. Cream and light grey colours are currently dominating the trend for 2016 although white, pale green and pale blue are also being used with some stunning results.

We recently wrote about using grey colours in your bathroom which you can read about here!



The use of one or two well placed mirrors can increase the depth to an ensuite to make it feel double the size. Added with chrome finished fittings or glossy furniture, a small bathroom area can quickly appear much roomier than before. A fog free mirror will help maintain that spacious feel if ventilation is poor!

You could kill two birds with one en suite-sized stone by styling your room with a mirrored cabinet. This would not only save you space but money too!



LED spotlights or flat lighting options for ceilings and walls will help brighten up the room as well as reduce the space taken up by hanging lights and protruding designs of yesteryear.

An illuminated bathroom mirror can be a stylish way to increase the lighting and space within your small en-suite and reduce costs too.

Hudson Reed Lucid LED Sensor Mirror
Hudson Reed Lucid LED Sensor Mirror


If you have the option to install a window or increase the size of an already existing window, do it. A window will always offer you increased ventilation and will give your small en-suite that big feel by inviting more natural light into the room.


Vanity Units

Instead of using a floor standing vanity unit, why not look at some wall hung vanity units instead? These will offer you more floor space by utilising the walls instead. There are more and more compact vanity units which can be wall mounted nowadays to accommodate small en-suites.

Valencia 600 Gloss White Minimalist Wall Hung Vanity Unit
Valencia 600 Gloss White Minimalist Wall Hung Vanity Unit


Toilets come in all shapes and sizes but when it comes to small spaces, such as your ensuite, there are several designs which can really make a huge impact.

The corners of your en-suite bathroom can be a real struggle to utilise however, a corner toilet can make excellent use of this space. Designed specifically to fit the corner of a bathroom or cloakroom, the triangular-shaped cistern fits perfectly where two walls meet.

Other space saving toilet ideas include wall hung toilets, which can create the effect of more visible floor space and the water efficient toilet and wash basin combination; which combines two essential en-suite items in one is another great design idea.

Metro Combined Two-in-One Wash Basin & Toilet
Metro Combined Two-in-One Wash Basin & Toilet


The shower enclosure will be the biggest item which you need in your en-suite and choosing wisely here will make all the difference. A shower should be enjoyed and not ruined by the feeling of walls closing in on you.

Most enclosures are transparent which is excellent for en-suites, cloakrooms and small spaces. This is one less thing you need to think about when browsing through the many shower enclosure styles out there.

Styles and designs do vary though. For smaller spaces you can opt for corner shower enclosures (shower quadrants), which use less floor space and make use of tiny corners.

Apollo Frameless Diamond Enclosure
Apollo Frameless Diamond Enclosure

Some people aim to save as much space with other en-suite items such as toilets and wash basins in order to give them the option of having a larger enclosure where they can shower in style. A large shower enclosure offers the option of adding shower caddies inside the enclosure which can help utilise further wall space.



The world is awash with basin ideas. This means there is a wide variety for you to choose from to help save that much needed space in your en-suite bathroom.

You could opt for the combination of a toilet and basin, as we previously mentioned, as this would obviously solve many space saving problems.

Other options for those on a stricter budget or looking to keep these two bathroom items separate could be wall hung basins with one tap hole (1TH). There is a plethora of great ideas including corner basins which help make use of tiny corners.

 Bermuda Corner Cloakroom Basin
Bermuda Corner Cloakroom Basin

If you've no corners left for your wash basin then a couple of designs which may be handy for you are the slimline basins and standard small wash basins.

Rondo Wall hung Small Cloakroom Basin
Rondo Wall hung Small Cloakroom Basin

If you enjoyed our Big ideas for small spaces, check out the Victorian Plumbing blog for more bathroom ideas and inspiration.



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