Different Types of Bathroom Taps

By Trinity

6th Jan 2022

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Want to get your bathroom reno over the finishing line with a new bathroom tap? Check out our guide on the different types of bathroom taps and their features!

Brass Wall Mounted Bath Tap

In bathroom renos it's good to know what type of tap you’re looking for and the look and purpose of each. From bath taps to basin taps, there’s a ton of variety to choose from, all with a range of unique styles and fits. So, if you’re looking for a new tap, let’s Get A Grip On That Drip and take a  tour of all the different types of basin and bath taps available to you!


Types of Basin Taps


Wall Mounted 

Wall mounted basin taps are amongst the most popular tap trends in recent years. They allow for a sleek and minimal basin look whilst still bringing a unique sense of character to a space. Typically they feature a spout mounted to the wall, accompanied by one or two handles to control the tap flow and temperature. Despite being a popular design in modern times, you can get these taps in both modern and traditional styles.


Deck Mounted

Deck mounted bath taps are another minimal and sleek design for taps. Available in a variety of styles, deck mounted taps have the spout and levers installed directly into a basin or basin shelf. They’re essentially the base mounted version of wall mounted taps! Deck mounted taps are also available in single or dual handle designs. 



Bib taps are a largely traditional style of tap. Whilst they are a wall mounted tap they have a few specialised features that set them apart from typical wall mounted designs. Bib taps can be connected to a hose, which is why they have an elongated spout. They also come in lever or push button formats that release water for a certain amount of time. 



Think of pillar taps as one of the most simple tap designs available. They come as a pair, one for hot water and one for cold water. Due to their simple nature, they also come in a variety of modern and traditional designs.


Mixer Tap

When it comes to updating your bathroom, sometimes all you want is something practical and easy to use. Basin mixer taps are a general all rounder, good for a variety of styles and have modern features. Mixer taps only feature one spout and one lever, which you can turn from left to right for hot or cold water, as well as tilt upwards to control the water flow. This is because a mixer tap takes from both the hot and cold water supplies in your home and blends them together according to the positioning of your handle. 


High Rise

If you’re looking for a simplistic but elegant tap to install into your bathroom, a high rise tap will bring all the charm and sophistication you’re looking for. These taps are essentially a standard mixer tap, but with a heightened design purely for aesthetic purposes. This also makes them a great fit for countertop basins with tall sides.

Types of Bath Taps


Bath Filler

Bath filler taps are mixer taps, but for bathtubs. So just like your standard basin mixer, this one central tap takes from the hot and cold feed of your water supply and allows you to adjust the temperature and flow via a single lever. 



Similar to bath fillers, freestanding bath taps typically feature a single lever for temperature and water flow. However, freestanding bath taps bring a unique sense of luxury to your bath. Freestanding taps are not actually attached to your bathtub and instead are plumbed into your bathroom floor alongside your bath. This particular tap is also excellent for bathrooms with low water pressure in the taps!


Deck Mounted 

Like deck mounted basin taps, the leavers for this tap are installed directly into your bath. Typically you can have two designs: one where the water comes from the overflow, and one where the water comes out of a deck mounted spout. 



Waterfall taps are a specific style of bath filler.   Often there are two levers, one for hot and one for cold but the spout has a unique open and flat design. This creates a shelf like shape for the water to fall from, hence the name waterfall tap! These taps are perfect for bringing the spa vibes to your home. 

Bath Shower mixer

Another bath tap design that is all about functionality is the bath shower mixer. If you want a combined shower bath which is great for those who need more compact bathroom essentials, a bath shower mixer is the ideal choice. This tap combines a bath filler tap with a hose and shower unit. This means you have the choice between running a bath from the tap or running the shower from the same tap controls.

Now that you have all the basic info you need on the different types of bathroom taps, get that bathroom renovation completed and over the finishing line!



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