Creating The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

By Rob

1st Jan 2018

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Give your bathroom the A-list treatment with our guide. You'll feel like a celebrity every time you bathe!

Luxury Bathroom Suite

If you want your bathroom to make a grand statement; one which takes inspiration from such glamourous places as Paris, New York and of course Hollywood, then allow us to bring you our exclusive guide to the ultimate luxury Look. Think large, ornate items and fancy, stylish décor combined to create a setting which oozes class and sophistication from every corner.

While this might all sound very extravagant, achieving this particular effect doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact we reckon you can make your bathroom look fit for a celebrity without spending too much money at all; read on and we’ll give you the full lowdown.

Colour palette

The first thing to think about here is the effective use of colour. In order to give off a stylish vibe what you’ll need are strong colours which make a real visual impact while at the same time don’t completely dominate the overall feel of the room. Perfect shades and tones for the walls are colours such as deep reds and purples as they can really make rooms feel more luxurious when used well.

The classic monochrome scheme will also work a treat here, as it doesn’t get much classier than black and white! Breaking things up with little golden details will also look amazing, but we’ll come to that later…

With regards to textures, using coloured tiles is a great choice as they look fantastic but will also withstand being placed in a bathroom environment. There are also plenty of excellent wallpaper designs out there for those who wish to create something a little bit different. Patterned wallpapers such as Damask styled items are ideal in this environment.

Make a bold statement

With your colour scheme chosen and your vision beginning to turn into a reality, it’s time to turn your attention to the fittings. One of the great things about the ultimate luxury look is that you can opt for either modern or more traditional décor as either style lends itself well to the glamourous nature of this look.

Beginning with the bathtub; only something grand will do here, as you need to set the scene perfectly with a stunning centrepiece. Freestanding baths will make a fantastic statement, while natural stone items will also look the part. Don’t be tricked into thinking these products are always super-expensive either, as they are often a lot more affordable than you might think!

With regards to your basin, we recommend a large vanity unit as this will also give you a place to neatly store all your toiletries. Inset and countertop basins are also great options as they allow you to use a large surface to display your all beauty products or a selection of accessories for a stylish touch. Stand mounted basins are ideal for this, especially in more traditional bathrooms.

Your choice of toilet is also a crucial part of the build. For modern settings, a stylish square unit will give the room a designer feel, while in traditional spaces there’s nothing that will beat the visual impact of a high level toilet (if space is tight then a medium level item will still give you the effect).

Accessories are vital

With your bathroom now looking A-list, it’s time to add those ever so important finishing touches. The placement of a large, ornate mirror will certainly add to the luxurious image. For the ultimate look, if you’re really going for it, why not add an old fashioned dressing room mirror (you know, the ones with all the light bulbs dotted around them). A good mirror will look fantastic positioned just above your vanity unit.

The lighting is another key area. Why have regular boring lights when you can have a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling? You can also get matching wall mounted lights for a more coordinated appearance.

The placement of plenty of chrome accessories, such as a toilet roll holder, heated towel rail, and bathroom set will add a touch of bling to their surroundings. To finish, placing some art deco style paintings or decorations will also work well here, as will framed posters from old movies.

The midas touch

If you have a traditional bathroom, you might want to think about using gold to highlight certain elements. Wallpapers can be chosen which feature subtle hints of gold (black and gold will always be a winner), while your taps and other items such as bath feet and shower hoses can also be supplied in gold for an upmarket, exclusive look. Just don’t go too overboard!

The best way to create a jaw-dropping effect is to imagine what your favourite celebrities have in their bathrooms and visit sites such as Pinterest for some fab ideas. So, with your bathroom now looking utterly gorgeous, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and bathe like a star.

If you'd like to see some more beautiful luxury bathroom ideas check out our Pinterest board.

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