Choosing The Perfect Colour Scheme For Your Bathroom

By Rob

27th Jan 2014

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Our guide to creating a hot new look for your bathroom in 2014.

White Bathroom Suite

One of the most essential aspects of planning any bathroom design or renovation is the selection of the right colour scheme. Choosing colours which perfectly compliment your décor will make your bathroom look fantastic, and will really pull the overall theme together beautifully when done well. You may remember our previous blog on using colour in the bathroom, well here we are going to outline how to really create a WoW factor, what options to go for, and what is hot in 2014.

Selecting the right combination

This can be more difficult than it sounds, and our advice would be to do some research before you start.

First, take into account the size of the room. It’s a good idea to use lighter colours if you have a smaller bathroom, as this will help to give the impression of more space, giving the room a less claustrophobic appearance. One of the best ways to distribute colour throughout the room is to pick out certain elements to highlight. Bathtubs can either be painted or have colourful panels inserted, while smaller details such as towels and general accessories can be easily matched. Another way to create an impressive colour scheme is to pick out any recessed areas or alcoves that may be visible in your bathroom, and paint these in a contrasting colour for a better visual appearance.

Picking colours that either complement each other or contrast will have the best visual effect, with schemes such as monochrome remaining as popular as ever, while pastel paints have been on trend lately. Don’t forget that colour doesn’t have to mean paint specifically, as there are many brilliant ways to give your bathroom a colour injection. Tiling can achieve superb results. Wall tiles lend themselves well to colourful bathroom designs, and they have the advantage of being durable and easy to clean. Our pick would be white wall tiling with black border and floor tiles for a sophisticated, timeless feel.

Key trends for 2014

We may only be a month into 2014 but we have already spotted a few trends lurking on the horizon. If you’re currently planning to refurbish your bathroom you may wish to consider implementing some of these fresh ideas into your creation.

Purple: It seems that the choice of colour for this year is purple. Purple is a great shade which gives off a regal, classy aura that will look fantastic in both traditional and more contemporary bathrooms. Various shades, from deep violets to lighter fuchsias will transform your bathroom into a more inviting place to be. Painted walls combined with white border tiling would look great here. Bathtubs and accessories can all be matched to harmonise the room.

Matte Tiles: Great for creating a more sophisticated look, matte tiles offer a more restrained feel that will allow your bathroom to stand out without the reason why being obvious. If you’re after unique tiling then matte tiles are definitely worth looking into. Various colours and styles are available so you should find plenty of options to suit your ideas.

Neutral Colours: The use of neutral colours in bathroom areas has always been popular, and this looks set to continue this year. Various shades of whites, creams, greys, and browns can give your bathroom a more welcoming presence.

Wood Effect Floor Tiling: Using wood and wood effect can be tricky as it is best not to get too carried away. A nice vanity unit or storage facility combined with matching wood effect tiling is your best way to go here.

White Toilets With Black Lids: This is an interesting idea we are starting to see more of lately that works surprisingly well. Simply changing the standard lid on your toilet for a black one can really improve the overall look, especially if there is a monochrome theme present.

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