To say we see hundreds of bathrooms a week would be an understatement; Every day here at Victorian Plumbing we're lucky enough to receive pictures from happy customers as well as many through our various social media channels and through the home magazines we work with such as Grand Designs, Period Living, Good Homes and Your Home to mention a few. One thing we've seen done well over and over is the use of colour in the bathroom.

Some home owners a couple of years ago would subtly introduce a little colour in the bathroom through pretty tiles or patterned wallpaper. They may even try to do this with a champagne or avocado-green bathroom suite. This was fine for a year or two, but as trends change these bathrooms have quickly became outdated, old and in need of refurbishing. We can't blame these home owners, we too have made some questionable decisions whilst trying to put our own spin on a decorating project!

What we've learnt is that when using colour, we need to be bold, definite and fully committed to its use. If you want to use some yellow in the bathroom because you feel it reflects who you are as a home, then don't settle for a yellow shower curtain or toothbrush. Go wild - paint your walls the brightest yellow you can find!

Our Pinterest board below shows you some of our favourite uses of colour in the bathroom. You'll find pastel traditional freestanding baths, eccentric tiling and some over-the-top examples too. Use this along with some of our tips below and achieve the colourful bathroom you want!

- Stick to colours you know and feel confident with - it'll pay off if you try to co-ordinate some other colours in at a later stage.

- Carry colour samples with you whenever you go shopping, what may feel like a matching shade in a shop may not be a great match once you've handed over the cash and brought the product home.

- Cast iron baths such as ours can be supplied in 13 different colours and in also a primed-white finish, ready for painting at home with a suitable paint.

- Remember, colour can either contrast or compliment; both have their uses in creating harmony in colour - it's just up to you to decide which!

- Check the colour you've chosen in the actual room it'll be used. You'll be surprised how different a colour can look next to a bright white space or a darker space with artificial light.

- Lastly, remember most things are reversable - you can always paint over your tie-dye blue, yellow and red ceiling if you're not happy with it, it might just take a few more coats than normal!