Checking In - A Guide To Hotel Chic

By Rob

9th Sep 2015

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Get all the luxury of a 5 star hotel in your own bathroom. We show you how to achieve this stunning, stylish look.

hotel chic

● A 5 Star Experience
● Lasting Luxury

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A guide to Hotel Chic

Remember the feeling of luxury you got when you last stayed in a smart hotel? The warm, comforting environment and relaxing atmosphere?

Well, it’s time to realise this appealing concept in your own bathroom. In principal it may sound difficult to replicate, however it is actually quite an easy style to achieve.

If you want a bathroom that invites you in and makes you feel like you don’t want to leave, allow us to introduce you to hotel chic.

A 5 Star Experience

Now, assuming you want the 5 star treatment, not a reimagining of that shoddy half star experience you had in some dodgy British seaside resort once (hey, we’ve all been there), the main thing you need to get right here is to create a genuine feeling of quality and sophistication.

Taking inspiration from top hotels around the world, your finished result should have a clean and minimalist look that wouldn’t look out of place at an uber-cool W chain hotel. In order to achieve this, we’ll first turn our attention to the décor and look at colours you should be using.

Bathroom at the W Hotel South Beach, Florida
Bathroom at the W Hotel South Beach, Florida

While hotel chic can be traditional if you require it to be, it is mostly a highly contemporary look that relies heavily on simplistic designs and sleek fittings. Your choice of tiling will suit this style if it features two colours that complement each other perfectly.

Browns, creams, whites and monochromatic schemes are ideal options here. You can separate the colours in numerous ways, either by having a single border tile strip that's a different hue, or different shades for certain walls depending on your preference.

You want the bathroom to feel as open and as spacious as possible for a truly luxurious feel. Bear this in mind when selecting your fittings and fixtures.

A Sleek, unfussy toilet such as a modern square design is a great start. This can be matched with a similarly styled basin for a coordinated look.

If there are two or more of you regularly using the room, perhaps a double basin would be a more practical touch, as these items really give off that hotel vibe. They usually allow ample storage space too which all good hotel suites have.

Your showering arrangement is a crucial element here, so choose carefully when you get to this stage. Ideally, a wet room with a shower tower would be the ultimate choice if space is permitting. These showers allow you to cleanse like a king (or queen for that matter) and even have the option of body jets and steam settings if you wish to have a spa-inspired touch.

If a shower isn’t your thing, or you want the benefits of both, then a modern freestanding bathtub will give the room a beautiful centrepiece that will enable you to bathe in the comfort you want from this type of setting.

Lasting Luxury

With your décor and fittings sorted, it’s time to turn our attention to those smaller but oh-so-significant details that will bring this look to life.

Adding a large bathroom mirror will give a clear indication of your hotel inspiration as many of the top places to stay have these due to their practical nature and the fact that they make rooms feel more spacious.

Placing wall lights around the room to co-inside with your ceiling light fitment will also help you generate a more open feeling.

Thick, fluffy towels are an essential purchase and are available in numerous colours to complement your chosen scheme.

To finish, place some good quality soaps, lotions and potions around your bath or shower area and position some scented candles throughout the room for an additional treat.

Want to know the best thing about hotel-chic? You don’t have to wait another year before coming back!

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