Clever Budget Bathroom Ideas

By Greg

3rd May 2013

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Create a beautiful bathroom without spending a fortune. Our expert guide to budget bathrooms has some clever design ideas and plenty of inspiration.

budget bathroom ideas

● Bathroom Walls and Floor
● Bathroom Fixtures
● Bathroom Lighting
● Bathroom Accessories

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Something almost everybody wants to be able to achieve is a bathroom renovation that doesn’t raid the savings. So, we have decided to give you some advice and guidance alongside some clever budget bathroom ideas on how to give your bathroom a completely new look without having to strip the whole room and hopefully not emptying your pockets along the way.

Sometimes it’s a simple change of style to give your bathroom the new look you’ve been waiting for. This means you don’t need to consult plumbers and designers to transform your bathroom, you just need the right guidance.

First things first, you have to really clean that room. If you’re going to give your bathroom a new personality you’re going to have to start from scratch. This means taking out anything in there that you don’t need like old towels, accessories and clothes. Now that is out of the way we can get on with the fun stuff.

Bathroom Walls and Floor


Tiling the whole room can be time consuming and costly if you're looking for a budget bathroom, a good way to give your walls a new look is to simply give it a new lick of paint. You can, however, use a small amount of tiling that will make a big difference by making a feature of your basin with splash back tiling. This can completely transform the look of your basin. Remember that if you want a naturally curvy effect use small tiles that can easily manipulate corners.

If you want to give your floor a bit of a revamp without ripping out the current floor a good option is to choose a large bath mat / bath rug. A bath mat is ideal for wet areas of the bathroom, such as next to the bath, whereas a more expensive rug will go in the drier spaces to add colour and style.

Bathroom Fixtures


This is an important one to think about, because you may think that you can’t possibly make that much of a difference in your bathroom without changing the fixtures, but you can with a few small changes. A great example of this is changing the shower head instead of the shower itself, this will not only give it a new look but a new feel when having a shower.

If you think your bath or basin is looking tired and dull, try changing the taps for a new style, with a huge range of taps available you’ll be sure to find a new style to revive them.

Bathroom Lighting

If you have particularly heavy curtains or blinds covering the window in your bathroom you will be losing out on a lot of light that could potentially bring the room to life. Lack of natural light wouldn't make any bathroom look drab an sad, so your new budget bathroom will need lots of it. We suggest going for a thinner and lighter material which a generally quite cheap to buy.

Also consider bringing in some artificial light for those night time soaks. A great way to do this is to introduce some LED bathroom lights to create a spa-like ambience, and they are energy efficient so you save your pennies throughout the year.

Bathroom Accessories

shower curtain

Shower curtains are one of those products where you get what you pay for, so if you're looking for a beautiful budget bathroom, we recommend this is one of the places where to spend the money you've saved elsewhere. Choose a shower curtain with a thicker, heavier fabric, as it will hang better. We also recommend choosing a patterned shower curtain with a design such as the one above. This will add a personal touch and can really brighten up any showering area.

By now your budget bathroom will be looking great, but it might still be looking a bit bare on the counter-tops (if you listened to me at the start and threw away everything you didn’t need). So now is your chance to give your bathroom some personality and begin to make a unique space just for you. You can bring in new colours that your bathroom hasn’t seen before, small plants to give it a natural feel (planted orchids work best as they last for much longer than cut flowers) or even a little piece of art or sculpture that gives your bathroom a makeover and makes it feel a little more special.



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