Brands In Focus: Ideal Standard

By Antonia

5th Nov 2021

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Ideal Standard are famous for their innovative bathroom designs and manufacturing processes. We've looked into what it is that makes them the go-to for luxury spaces.

Brands In Focus: Ideal Standard

Founded over 100 years ago, Ideal Standard has gone from strength to strength in fulfilling customers’ needs and wants with their essential bathroom components.

Now a household name in the bathroom industry, we thought we’d take a deeper look into what makes the brand so popular.

Why Choose Ideal Standard?

Ideal Standard’s main focus is to shape the future of modern living by understanding and connecting with customers. They reflect on their history of pioneering innovation which has truly shaped the industry today.

With constant progression, Ideal Standard continues to base their ideas on style, quality, and functionality. This is to ensure you can shop with confidence as you know you’re getting high-standard products that are built to last.

By releasing innovative products, Ideal Standard help create an effective and lasting experience for customers to enjoy within their bathrooms at home.

Ideal Standard creations are slender and compact as their intention is to help make the most of bathroom space - whatever the size. However, they do not allow the structure or development of their products to impact style.

Ideal Standard Connect

Their popular Connect range presents slim lines with curved edges - a good choice for smaller bathrooms that allow users as much room as possible.

The Ideal Standard Connect Air Cube Basin is a prime example of this, oozing contemporary style alongside maximum functionality. With a rectangular build and slender width of 400mm, this wall-hung basin will fit snug into limited spaces.

The Connect Air Cube 40cm Basin does not only look the part, it’s super sturdy too. Along with many of their ceramic products the Air Cube basin is made from high-quality vitreous china for maximum endurance. This assures customers of how durable Ideal Standard ceramics are, in addition to a lifetime guarantee.

If you want your basin to be a statement within your bathroom, Ideal Standard offers the Connect Air Cube Basin in a Semi-Countertop version. This alternative design is extremely versatile and can be matched with any vanity unit or tap style.

Both models offer maximum handwashing space due to their slim rim and tight structure, an optimal choice for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms.

The Ideal Standard Connect Spacemaker Idealform Bath is also perfect when space is at a premium (hence the name). Available in left or right hand, this bath narrows to 55cm to accommodate awkward bathroom shapes, regardless of your window or door locations.

The benefits of Idealform are its insulating properties as its high-quality reinforced cellacast acrylic sheet enables water to stay warmer for longer. For ultimate relaxation, the Connect Spacemaker Idealform Bath also includes an ergonomic backrest to support the natural curve of the spine and reduce the risk of back and neck pressure.

Ideal Standard Concept

Concept is one of Ideal Standard’s most popular ranges. It offers the best possible solutions to help you get the most from your bathroom. A prime example is the close-coupled corner toilet- specifically designed to fit comfortably into tight corner spaces.

Ideal Standard Concept Corner Toilet

With a water-efficient cistern that uses a dual flush 6 or 4 liters, this compact structure displays impressive functions and comes complete with a chrome flush button and the option of a standard or soft close seat.

Overall, the Concept range offers top-drawer quality alongside smooth, polished edges - an easy way to introduce elegance and practicality, regardless of your bathroom’s size or shape.

Idealform Plus+

The Idealform Plus+ range offers products that are equipped with all the benefits of Idealform but with twice the support.

The Ideal Standard Concept Freedom Idealform Plus+ Bath is a prime example of combining functionality and style with added beneficial accessibility features.

Ideal Standard Concept Freedom Idealform Plus+ Bath

Thanks to its lowered height and a built-in ledge, this bath is designed to give a helping hand when getting in and out of the bath, alongside its supportive headrest for maximumx pleasure.

With a glossy, smooth-to-touch acrylic shell and thick condensed baseboard, the sturdy body oozes pure luxury for an indulging experience every time.

Ceraline Taps

Ideal Standard offers a wide selection of bathroom taps for showers, baths, and basins. The Ceraline tap range is suitable for both high and low-pressure water supplies - the perfect pick for new build or bathroom renovation projects.

Equipped with an Easyfix system, the Ceraline Basin Mixer is simple to install and comes equipped with a 5 litre per minute eco flow regulator. By using less water this mixer will help save on your energy and water bills.

Ideal Standard Ceraline Basin Mixer

The Ceraline Mixer tap is available in two very popular finishes, chrome and silk black, both presenting a clean and contemporary look.

Chrome is a bright addition to any space thanks to its shiny, mirror-like finish, you also won’t struggle to coordinate this with other bathroom features.

Ideal Standard Silk Black Collection

Ideal Standard has released a stylish range of silk black bathroom products and accessories. This ultra-modern collection has the power to suit many spaces as black is a harmonizing colour that works effectively with almost any colour scheme.

Although silk black may seem a daunting choice, the elegance and sophistication it brings to your bathroom will upgrade any contemporary designs to an architectural standard.

Thanks to its smooth touch and sheen finish, the Ceraline Silk Black Mini Basin Mixer is the perfect ingredient to sophisticate any basin.

Ideal Standard Silk Black Basin Bottle Trap

Even if you have smaller spaces, Ideal Standard has designed the Ceraline Mini Basin Mixer or Wall Mounted Basin Mixer in silk black. This means you won’t need to sacrifice on style - regardless of your bathroom’s dimensions.

Additionally, you can pair these taps with the Ideal Standard Silk Black Basin Bottle Trap to achieve a premium, luxurious look.

To create a harmonious and uniform feel, Ideal Standard gives you plenty of choice within their Silk Black collection.

We’d recommend the Silk Black Ceratherm Thermostatic Shower and IOM Corner Shower Basket for an impactful effect within your bathroom.

Silk Black Ceratherm Thermostatic Shower

Ideal Standards intelligently manufactured products bring maximum functionality and supreme style to any space, due to their subtle style and versatile designs. They are a go to brand as a solution for awkward spaces and their designs can easily be coordinated with existing bathroom features.

By establishing a wide range of adaptable products to give you endless options, Ideal Standards help create high-class and contemporary looks at reasonable prices.

Enjoyed this intro of Ideal Standard? You can browse our entire Ideal Standard range, here. For further information on other popular Victorian Plumbing brands, keep an eye on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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