Black and White Floor Tile Inspiration

By Trinity

24th Aug 2023

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Black and white bathroom floor tiles are a classic combination. Check out our blog for inspiration on how to style them and what aesthetics you can pull off!

Black and White Floor Tiles

Black and white are a classic duo as old as time. With an endless number of combinations, you can achieve such an impressive range of aesthetics with these two tiles alone. From gloss to matt finishes, black and white combination tiles to pairing black and white tiles together. Black and white bathroom floor tiles can create a timelessly traditional look or a sophisticated and modern bathroom.

So what are the different pairings for black and white? What types of tile can you get in this classic combo and what aesthetics can you create for your space?


10 Ways to Incorporate Black and White Floor Tile Design

1. Contemporary Marble Effect

For a combined black and white tile, a marble effect design is the go to look for many renovators. Simple without being boring, a classic marble tile brings an effortless elegance to your bathroom!

If you want to take your decor even further, opting for a classic tile pattern in a hexagon shape like the Gatley white marble effect tiles is a great option. Pair elegant marble with an on trend tile shape to create the ultimate chic look. 


2. Geometric Black & White Tiles

Geometric tile designs have become increasingly popular over the last year. They bring a fun and dynamic element to your bathroom. They function great as a shower wall or feature walls and are ideal for making your space more exciting. So why not get them in black and white!

Opting for these tiles in black and white can bring something new to your bathroom without making it feel too busy. There is also plenty of room to play around with tile arrangements. Plus, you can create an organised and repetitive or completely random. 


3. Black & White Line Tiles 

The Stonehouse Studio Ascent tiles are another geometric style but with a much simpler design. Due to the single line that sits diagonally across the square tile, there are a multitude of patterns and arrangements that you can create. 


4. Star Patterned Black & White Tiles 

For a truly unique and captivating black and white bathroom floor design, the elba black inverse patterned tiles are a great choice. Due to their patterned design, when the tiles are lined up they create a stunning star shape throughout your flooring. Also available in the inverse design, black with white detailing, this is a super dynamic black and white tile design. 


5. Traditional Black & White Floor Tiles 

To incorporate a more traditional pattern, the Louis black and white wall and floor tiles is a good choice. This style of pattern, reminiscent of the Victorian aesthetic, is a timeless design that brings class and sophistication to your space. 


6. Terrazzo Black & White Tiles

If you’re looking for a super contemporary and fun black and white tile, terrazzo effect could be what you’re looking for. This design can really make your bathroom pop and create an ultra modern and exciting bathroom. Use these tiles to bring attention to and highlight certain areas in your space, like alcoves or the space behind your vanity or bath. 


7. Mosaic Black & White Tile Sheet 

Mosaic sheet tiles are also another popular trend on the rise. As an easier way to incorporate mosaic style designs, they’re ideal for a detailed yet uniform pattern across your bathroom floor. This black and white otsu hexagon tile sheet is for those who want a more traditional vibe in their bathroom. 


8. Hexagon Black with White Lines Tiles 

Another stunning black and white floor tile design is the Belmont black with white lines wall and floor tiles. You can arrange them in threes to create a clover-like pattern, or in horizontal rows for a completely different effect. The tiles are also available in the inverse design with a white background and black line detailing


9. Circle Geo Patterned Black & White Tiles 

For a suave and sophisticated tile design, the Caroline Geo wall and floor tiles can function well in a bathroom space. Ideal for a monochrome style bathroom, a black and white pattern like this is great for a vast and expansive floor as it prevents the room from feeling empty. 


10. Combining black and white tiles

If a tile that incorporates both black and white isn’t your thing, there are so many ways to combine both black and white tiles to create a sophisticated and chic look. You can mix finishes, shapes and styles when pairing black and white tiles to truly make it your own. 



Trinity is one of our expert bloggers in bathroom design and DIYs. Read her blog posts for the latest coverage of style trends and easy-to-follow guides.

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