Wallpaper is a style staple in many homes and has been for many decades! However, wallpaper has become very popular within bathrooms as it’s a quick and easy way to transform your space and bring ideas to life.

Here, we divulge 19 stylish bathroom wallpaper ideas that will modernise your space and create a lasting impression.

19 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

1. Small bathroom wallpaper ideas

Small Bathroom Suite
Small Bathroom Suite

If you are working with a small space, wallpaper is an ideal way to add some fun and inject character, which you may not always want too much of for larger bathrooms!

Wallpaper is available in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colours, so the world is your oyster when finding the perfect pick. You can keep styling simple and opt for the Cool Cloakroom Suite in gloss white or go bold and add a pop of colour with an Arezzo Round Counter Top Basin in a pretty matt pink.

2. Family bathroom wallpaper ideas

Family Bathroom Green and White walls
Family Bathroom

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, wallpaper immediately sets the tone of a room. When styling a family bathroom, you want to make sure your bathroom gives off a homely and inviting vibe that matches the feel and pace of your home environment.

A dominant vibrant colour paired with a neutral colour often strikes an interesting balance between personality and practicality in a bathroom. Coordinate towels and taps for a clean and uniform effect that will be pleasing for family members and guests to look at.

3. En-suite bathroom wallpaper ideas

En-suite with blue wallpaper

We recommend neutral wallpaper within-en suite bathrooms as it makes your space instantly seem larger thanks to the bright and airy feel which can flow right through into your bedroom. As en-suite bathrooms are a personal space normally only used by yourself or your partner, you have the freedom to design it however you please. However, it’s worth considering a wallpaper design that’s timeless as you’ll be seeing it everyday!

Alternatively you can make a style statement and make the space your own by introducing your favourite colour palette or pattern. Whatever you choose, opt for a wall hung basinand wall hung toilet as they also help maintain an open space and will allow your wallpaper to thrive.

4. Geometric bathroom wallpaper ideas

Pink Geometric Wallpaper
Fine Decor Nova Geo Rose Gold Patterned Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is super on trend and can really liven up a space. Its unique and straight lined patterning adds depth and dimension to a space. This being said, sometimes too much of it can be overwhelming, particularly for wallpaper that consists of multiple colours.

Using geometric wallpaper as a feature or accent wall can help reduce the business of your bathroom walls whilst still having a fun, vibrant, and interesting feel. To truly tie the room together, try matching accessories to colours used in the geometric wallpaper. For example, if your geometric wallpaper features rose gold, why not add a rose gold bathroom accessories set.

5. Marble effect bathroom wallpaper ideas

Marble Effect Wallpaper
Fine Decor Marblesque Wallpaper

Marble effect is a timeless style choice that can elevate the elegance of a bathroom. However, marble tiles can often be expensive and heavy, meaning that not all walls can support them. With marble effect bathroom wallpaper, you can still get a luxurious look.

Marble works well as a base layer for you to build on, meaning that you can pretty much style and accessories your bathroom any way you like. If you want to maintain the marble theme throughout your bathroom furniture, a marble countertop basin like the Arezzo Curved Rectangular Counter Top Basin would really tie the room together.

6. Use wallpaper as accents

Modern Double Ended Bath
Modern Bathroom With Accent Wallpaper

For DIY-ers who have redecorated other parts of their home but find themselves left with drabs of wallpaper that they don’t know what to do with, you can make use of them! Sometimes a bathroom doesn’t need a whole new look, just a few little updates here and there. You can use wallpaper in those small, awkward, and plain places in your bathroom to create a theme throughout the space. Filling alcoves or covering plain drawers or cupboard doors all in matching wallpaper can be a fun and fulfilling way to utilise spare wallpaper.

Just make sure the wallpaper that you do use is

resistant to humidity and safe for use in bathrooms.

7. Metallic bathroom wallpaper ideas

Fine Decor Charcoal Broze Metallic Wallpaper
Fine Decor Charcoal Broze Metallic Wallpaper

For a sophisticated but exciting wallpaper that will add depth and variety to your bathroom, metallic bathroom wallpaper is a strong choice. Often with a neutral background colour, metallic wallpaper features flecks or lines of reflective material that are often in bronze, silver or gold.

This style of bathroom wallpaper is quite eye-catching and so when styling it, you may want to keep your bathroom furniture simple in comparison. Try to match the fleck of metallic colouring with your accessories for a uniform look. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with matt black taps and other accessories for a simple but sleek finish.

8. Rustic brick wallpaper ideas

Bathroom with Rustic Brick wall
Bathroom Featuring Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Exposed brick is a rustic aesthetic full of character, but not everyone has access to an exposed brick wall in their home. A rustic brick wallpaper, however, can be a great hack to execute the rustic feel. Wood accents paired with a brick wall really bring out the best in each other, so bear this in mind when accessorising your brick wallpaper. Try and incorporate some wooden open shelving or a wooden countertop to complete the look.

9. Metro brick effect wallpaper ideas

Metro Brick Marble Charcoal Wallpaper
Metro Brick Marble Charcoal Wallpaper

If brick effect wallpaper seems intriguing but a rustic vibe isn’t what you want, there are other brick effect wallpaper ideas to go for. Metro tiles have become increasingly popular, their neat lines and the array of vibrant colours they come in suit bathrooms wonderfully.

The upside to choosing metro brick wallpaper over actual tiles is of course the absence of grout. As great as grout is, it’s a hassle to apply and can lead to mould and discoloration, whereas this won’t be an issue with wallpaper. Plus, the printed grout on the wallpaper comes in a variety of stylish colours, some are even metallic for an exciting detail.

10. Neutral wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Neutral Grey Wallpaper and Greestanding Bath
Bathroom Featuring Neutral Grey Wallpaper

Sometimes you just need to let the bathroom furniture take centre stage. When a bathroom has a beautiful freestanding bath and stylish cabinets or a vanity, it’s the wallpaper’s drop to provide a pleasant backdrop. This is where neutral wallpaper does best.

A neutral grey wallpaper can be a great way to achieve a monochrome aesthetic in a bathroom. Alternatively, a white or cream bathroom wall is hard to go wrong with and gives you full artistic freedom to style the rest of your bathroom with whatever exciting and vibrant furniture you wish. To avoid things feeling too plain, experiment with colour in your furniture with an Arezzo Matt Pink Round Counter Top Basin or Matt Green Arezzo Curved Square Counter Top Basin for some unique detailing.

11. Hexagon wallpaper ideas

Pink Hexagon Wallpaper
Fine Decor Metro Hex Rose Gold Wallpaper

Hexagon tiles are another current and popular bathroom design trend. They make a space feel modern and work great in minimalist spaces for a clean, simple, but still interesting look. In a similar manner to metro tiles, if you don’t fancy dealing with grout and the tile application process, hexagon wallpaper is a great alternative.

12. Pink bathroom wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Matt Pink Wallpaper
Bathroom Featuring Matt Pink Wallpaper

Whether it’s just a feature wall to make your tiles pop, or you’re wallpapering every wall of the bathroom you can, there’s always a pink to match the vibe you’re going for. In spite of its reputation, pink can be used to build a sophisticated and tranquil bathroom environment.

Green and pink are a brilliant combo for an elevated aesthetic with a hint of a tropical or nature inspired influence so keep this in mind when accessorising. Or, style pink wallpaper with a Venice dark oak floating basin shelf

13. Floral bathroom wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Floral Wallpaper
Bathroom Featuring Floral Wallpaper

If you have an empty wall and you’re not sure what to do with it but you know you want to make a real statement, floral bathroom wallpaper can be a bold but beautiful choice when done correctly. It’s important to remember with this style of bathroom wallpaper that you want to avoid using multiple floral patterns throughout the space. We recommend you avoid this simply because too many detailed and differing patterns could overwhelm your bathroom, especially if you’ve opted for a dark floral wallpaper.

14. Wood effect wallpaper ideas

Brown Wooden Plank Wallpaper
Fine Decor Brown Wooden Plank Wallpaper

Wood effect wallpaper can come in such a vast array of styles it’s best to think about what atmosphere you’re looking to create and find a wood effect wallpaper to match. For a cosy log cabin type feel, look for a rustic wood effect wallpaper and pair it with some traditional taps.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a sophisticated and modern feel, there are even grey wood effect wallpapers with herringbone style detailing.

15. Patterned wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Patterend Wallpaper and Roll Rop Bath
Bathroom Featuring Patterend Wallpaper

Much like floral wallpaper, patterned wallpaper flourishes in open and empty spaces. However, it can also look great when used for small accents around a neutral bathroom space. If you want to go bold with a patterned wallpaper, we recommend deciding your wallpaper first, and then fitting the rest of your bathroom decor around it. Think about what colours blend with or compliment the colours used in your wallpaper and use this to help you to decide what furnishings you might add to the room.

16. Grey bathroom wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Charcoal Wallpaper
Bathroom Featuring Charcoal Wallpaper

Whilst grey works wonderfully as a neutral wallpaper that allows brighter tones and colours to pop, this isn’t the only style of grey wallpaper available. Industrial inspired spaces are very on trend, but not everyone has access to exposed brick walls or concrete ceilings. If you’re super dedicated to this aesthetic though, a wallpaper such as the Fine Decor Distinctive Silver Rustic Brick Wallpaper would work well, as well as grey wallpapers that mimic that concrete industrial style.

17. Wallpaper that compliments metro tiles

Bathroom Featuring Blue Wallpaper and Pink Metro Tiles
Bathroom Featuring Wallpaper and Metro Tiles

As we have already mentioned, metro tiles thrive in bathrooms and kitchens. They’re waterproof, durable and the perfect balance between small enough to provide you with some great detailing, but not so small that they make a room feel too busy. Although you can get matt metro tiles, often they come with a beautiful gloss finish and so if you are lucky enough to have them in your bathroom, you’ll want a bathroom wallpaper that really makes them gleam.

To help your metro tiles stand out, match them with a matt wallpaper in a contrasting but complimentary colour. Let’s say you have some pink gloss metro tiles lining your bathroom wall, a blue matt wallpaper is a vibrant but complimentary choice. Or, if you have some white gloss metro tiles, try pairing it with a deep green or royal blue wallpaper to really help them shine.

18. Textured bathroom wallpaper ideas

Bathroom Featuring Textured Wallpaper
Bathroom Featuring Textured Wallpaper

Texture is another great way to add depth and dimension to a bathroom space, especially if you’re not keen on adding lots of layers of colour. In order to accommodate for the extra texture, textured wallpaper is often a lot thicker than typical wallpaper, giving it a more luxurious and premium feel. This wallpaper comes in a variety of forms, such as floral wallpaper with raised textures to accentuate the floral pattern.

19.Beach house wallpaper ideas

Loft Wood White Metallic Wallpaper
Fine Decor Loft Wood White Metallic Wallpaper

For a light, airy and soothing beach house feel, a driftwood style wallpaper will help bring the beach hut vibes to the bathroom. When styling, keep your bathroom furniture light too by sticking to other shades of light wood or cream and white furnishings. Bathroom furniture like the White / Natural Oak Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Open Shelf + Ceramic Basin would be ideal for creating that beach house feel.

We hope you feel inspired by our 19 suggestions for bathroom wallpaper ideas. Don’t worry if tiles aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of ways to make bathroom wallpaper work for you!