Call us biased, but we think the bathroom is the most important room in the home.

More than just providing a practical purpose, it’s a place of calm, serenity and relaxation, and how it looks can play a huge role in how you feel when using it.

We’ve looked at the bathroom trends in fashion right now, from tile colours through to tap fixtures, baths and basins.

Using data from Pinterest and Google Search Volumes, we’ve figured out what’s the most trendy, what’s losing its spark and what we predict could become even bigger trends in the future.

Get Instagram ready, your bathroom is about to deserve a place on the grid.

Sage and pistachio are colours on the rise

Bathroom colour choices can dictate everything, from the style of bath you have to the choice of towels you buy.

At the moment earthy tones are dominating, with sage and pistachio being the two colours that have increased the most in popularity.

Both distinctive shades of green, they lend themself perfectly to bathroom design, offering a soothing backdrop to your morning wash and evening soak.

Colours on their way out include caramel and charcoal. Once both popular bathroom choices, their popularity is waning in favour of something more natural and less bold.

The Bathroom Trend Report - Colours

Bidets and walk-in baths top products in demand

Most surprising in our research of trending bathroom products was the resurgence of bidets!

Once reserved for luxury hotels and homes throughout Europe, over the last year they have seen a huge spike in interest with searches reaching 1.68 million on Google.

There is no doubt a bidet can offer a sense of European luxury to any bathroom setting but with conversations around global waste increasing by the day we feel the eco-friendly element to these products has contributed to their increased interest.

Walking is another trend people can’t get enough of.

Not as a form of exercise, but in terms of walk-in showers and walk-in baths.

Perfect for people with reduced mobility, walk-in baths remove any risks involved with stepping onto wet surfaces, allowing for an even more relaxing experience.

Free-standing baths remain as popular as ever though and If you’ve got the space they can act as a real centrepiece.

Even though they might have seen a slight 6% dip last year, they still amassed over half a million searches.

When it comes to bathroom counters, quartz countertops are also proving popular.

Their natural looks and tough, hard-wearing finishes make them great additions to bathrooms, offering a space that’s both sturdy and stylish.

The Bathroom Trend Report - Trending Products

In terms of products that are increasing fastest in demand, look no further than smart toilets.

Once reserved for hi-tech hotels in Asian countries, they’re now making their way west, with a 45% increase in searches during the past 12 months.

The Bathroom Trend Report - Declining Products

The most popular bathroom styles of 2021

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your bathroom, you’re not alone.

Searches for Terrazzo bathrooms have almost doubled over the past year, with more of us after a bit of vibrancy in a traditionally subdued area of the home.

Scandinavian-style bathrooms are also in the height of fashion.

Typically consisting of neutral colours and plenty of wooden finishes, they offer a true feeling of relaxation, with minimalism and clean lines creating a clear space for your mind and body.

It looks like going back to nature is where trends are heading.

Searches for modern bathrooms have faltered recently, as have searches for busier farmhouse bathrooms.

Cutting back on the clutter and letting the key pieces do the talking is the name of the game in 2021.

The Bathroom Trend Report - Trending Styles

Pretty in pink: the finishing touches making their mark

Pink tiles have seen a 19% increase in popularity during the past year, with little splashes of colour really helping your bathroom stand out.

Brass shower screens and bluetooth bathroom lighting fixtures are also showing signs of success, with a mix of modern and classic touches adding the key finishes that make a bathroom beautiful.

While brass might be in, copper and gold are looking less popular.

Copper bathroom accessories saw a 45% decrease in searches since May 2020, while their gold equivalents dropped by 42%.

Hanging mirrors are also leaving their prime behind.

With a 36% decrease in search interest, people are moving towards mirrored cabinets and clearer lines to add to a minimalistic look.

The value of a trend

We all like to be in vogue but these trends, as well as giving you an enviable bathroom could also add serious value to your home. Our research shows that having a recently refurbished and on trend bathroom has the potential to increase the value of your home by up to 5%.

These specific features from the Trend Report are highlighted as the most profitable for your home:

- Heated towel racks

- Use of light/soft colours around the bathroom

- Underfloor heating

Not only do these types of features vastly improve the bathroom for your own use, but they also appeal to new buyers. On average, when looking for a home people will increase their offer by up to £4,000 for an updated bathroom.

How will you make your bathroom shine?

Whatever style it is you’re looking for, whether it’s on trend or in a look all of your own, we’re sure we can help you find it.

Check out our latest offers to see what you could save on a fantastic range of fittings and accessories.


We have collated the above information using Google search volumes, Google trends data and Pinterest search volumes. The data has been reviewed over the past 12 months to identify the uplifts and trends for specific styles, products, accessories and colours. This has allowed us to pull together the top trends and styles for The Bathroom Trend Report. Valuation figures have been provided by expert sources as part of the research for this report.