Are Patterned Floor Tiles Timeless?

By Megan

29th Aug 2023

4 mins read

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Patterned tiles are a great choice for your bathroom. Whether you prefer bright and bold or minimal and neutral, you will be able to find the perfect patterned tile that will make your bathroom look unique.

Black and white tiles in long bathroom

Patterned tiles are available in a wide range of different styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and chic, adding patterned tiles to your bathroom is a great way to elevate your bathroom design.

Although patterned tiles are a great way to make your bathroom look more unique, many people will stay away from patterned floor tiles due to the ever changing trends in bathroom design. That is why we are asking, are patterned tiles timeless? Working with a timeless design is a great way to ensure that your bathroom will never go out of style. 

What Makes a Patterned Tile Timeless?

Patterned floor tiles have been used for hundreds of years, from the Romans to the Aztecs, every era has seen the use of patterned floor tiles. What makes these tiles so timeless is that they are always in fashion and on trend, which means, no matter what patterned tile you decide to go with, you do not have to worry about them becoming old fashioned or untrendy.

As patterned tiles come back year after year, you can expect that there are many different styles and designs. So, to ensure that you are getting the perfect patterned tile for your preferred style, it is important that you take a look at all the different designs to know which would work the best for you.


Traditional Patterned Floor Tiles

Traditional patterned tiles look great in modern or traditional style bathrooms as they are versatile and are available in a wide range of different styles and colours. Adding traditional patterned tiles is a great way to incorporate a chic design in your bathroom. The Vibe Grey Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles are a great choice for your bathroom if you are looking to add a traditional patterned tile that is more neutral. 

These Victorian inspired tiles are a great traditional patterned tile choice for those who are looking to incorporate a bold yet traditional style in their bathroom. The Chilton Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles are a great option for modern and contemporary bathrooms that are in need of some bold and busy patterns. Opting for traditional tiles that are more bold is a great way to make your space look more unique. 


On Trend Patterned Floor Tiles

Adding on trend patterned tiles to your bathroom is a great way to keep up with the latest styles. With new trends popping up all the time, it is important to choose a trendy tile that fits your preferred style. If you prefer a more contemporary style in your home, opting for some geometric patterned tiles is a great way to achieve this style. The Stonehouse Studio Pinnacle Olive Geometric Patterned Tiles are a great example of an on trend patterned tile because of their geometric pattern and their olive green colour, which has been a very popular trend in 2023.

Another patterned tile that has been on trend this year is Terrazzo effect tiles. Adding this Italian pattern is a great way to incorporate a fun and busy pattern into your bathroom. If you are looking to add sophistication into your bathroom, the Vista Terrazzo Effect Hexagon Porcelain Wall + Floor Tiles are the perfect, on trend tile for you. Terrazzo style tiles have been used for the last 500 years, making them an extremely timeless design choice.


Newest Patterned Floor Tile Designs

With new tile trends appearing so often, it’s important that you consider all your options before making your decision. Including all of the new tiles that are on the market. The Azrou Blue Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles are a Moroccan inspired tile that will fill your bathroom with colour in a stylish and authentic way. Moroccan style tiles are a timeless choice that have been used for hundreds of years. These tiles are a prime example of how timeless patterned tiles are, as they have been used for all these years.



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