A Guide to Kitchen Taps

By Alex

10th Feb 2014

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A comprehensive guide to Kitchen Taps, and what to look for when you're buying...

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What do you need from a kitchen tap? Understated style, no frills, functional and clean? Maybe instant boiling water, or a cool stream of impurity-free filter water? There are lots of options available these days for kitchen taps, with hyper-modern designs and throwback vintage styles both very popular, not to mention tons of features to make your life easier. We are going to look at some of the kitchen taps and features available on the market at the moment, and hopefully help you decide what kind of tap is going to grace your kitchen worktop.

1. Shape and Style

One of the most important elements in choosing a kitchen tap is the style. Are you looking for something with a stylish, contemporary look, or something that evokes that classic Country House appeal?

Mixer - A single body tap with one handle either side of the the tap that controls both temperature and flow rate. Possibly the most common style available, but there are lots of variations on this theme that keep the look fresh. Also, it is worth noting that there are two tap hole mixer taps available, often with a very traditional appeal.

Pillar - The two-tap-hole option for kitchens, pillar taps are relatively rare, however this could be seen as a bonus, as they could be seen as bringing something unique to your home. Often, kitchen pillar taps feature long necked designs that look elegant, clean, and help set them apart from other pillar taps you could find in other rooms of your home.

Monobloc - Could be considered a variation on the mixer theme, a monobloc tap allows you to control the flow and temperature of your water with one lever. Lots of stylish, minimalist designs available for this type, and a very popular look for kitchens.

These categories are, however, very broad. It is impossible to place them as either traditional or modern, as designers experiment with the shapes and features of kitchen taps. For example, included are two examples of kitchen tap, both are technically mixer taps, but look at how differently the shape is utilised.

2. Finish

Another element that you should consider when choosing your kitchen taps is the range of finishes available. Arguably, chrome is the easiest option. Versatile and workable within traditional or modern styles, chrome has the bright, reflective look that is ideal for kitchen fittings. Brass is the finish for very traditional looks; if the image you are putting together is one of country homes and stately manors, then brass is ideal for you, while gold is always an option for the totally decadent look. Finally, there are brushed, matt finishes like nickel - a way of giving your kitchen a slightly more unusual feel. Very contemporary and very cool.

3. Features

Dual Flow - If you have uneven pressures for your hot and cold water supplies, then a dual flow kitchen tap could be the answer - hot and cold are kept separate in these taps, and only mix as they leave the spout.

Extendable Hose - Makes washing up a breeze with increased control and direction when it comes time to rinsing dishes or cleaning the sink. Flexible hoses are very popular at the moment, but do tend to require a higher working water pressure than some other taps.

Filter Taps - For those perfectionists out there, filter kitchen taps can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with beautifully chilled, filtered tap water. Great for the health conscious or those that are particular about the quality and taste of the water they enjoy.

Boiling Water Taps - There are options on the market for kitchen taps that can provide you with a stream of boiling water on demand. These feature a tank below your worktop so you can instantly access boiled water - great for cooking and quickly brewing a tea or coffee, but there are some question marks over how green these are...

Thank you for reading, make sure you come back soon for more articles on interiors, and loads of style advice!



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