A Complete Guide to Contemporary Bathroom Suites

By Rob

4th Jun 2014

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Modern suites will transform the appearance of dull or dated bathrooms, giving them a trendy, stylish feel. We explain what your best options are.

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● What options are available?
● Is a contemporary suite right for your bathroom?

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Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to selecting a new suite for your bathroom, it is one of the most significant decisions you will make so getting it right is important. But with the sheer abundance of sizes and styles out there, how do you find the perfect choice? Well, in this guide we’ll be taking a look at what contemporary suites comprise of, what you should be looking out for, and if they’re suitable for your bathroom.

What options are available?

As you will have probably already noticed, there are lots of different styles out there. The main characteristics of modern suites are their minimalistic lines and crisp designs.

Starting with the toilet, options available include close coupled, wall hung and back to wall items. The former can be supplied in ultra-modern square designs which are ideal for stylish rooms, while the latter two options will leave you with a sleek, flush look due to the concealed cisterns. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the various choices on offer, and go for something that will be easy to integrate with the rest of the room.

When selecting your basin, try to go with something that will complement your toilet for the best results. A square designed pedestal basin for example, would look excellent situated near a square toilet. Wall hung basins will match similarly styled toilets, giving the room a unique feeling. Counter top basins are also a relatively new trend, and their sleek, simplistic appearance is ideal for modern settings. Combining one with a contemporary freestanding tap will really add to the effect.

Toilet and basin combinations are known as 4 piece suites. This is because they are split into 4 segments; the pan and cistern, and the basin and pedestal.

Besides the array of 4 piece suites available, a 5 piece option adds a bathtub into the mix. The baths will have been specifically chosen to match the look of the toilet and basin, ensuring a co-ordinated feel is maintained. Whether you go for a suite with a standard or a freestanding bath, the end result is sure to be stunning in the right surroundings. Be sure to measure the size of your bathroom prior to installing any suites however, especially with a 5 piece option as many bathtubs take up a large area and this can leave smaller settings feeling cramped.

Is a contemporary suite right for your bathroom?

Your new suite should, above all, suit the overall feel of your bathroom. A highly traditional suite may not look right in a modern environment, and a contemporary suite will look out of place in more period settings. It’s a good idea to have a general image of the finished result in your head before you begin as this is something you can work to. Browsing stunning examples online will help you consider the direction you would like to take the room in. Picking the right one for you essentially just comes down to personal preference. Don’t forget the placement of modern taps and various accessories will improve the contemporary feel, resulting in a truly gorgeous modern bathroom.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our guide to modern, contemporary bathrooms. Hopefully you have picked up lots of ideas and examples that will help you with your own bathroom design. If you are interested in exploring the idea of traditionally styled bathrooms then click through to read our expert guide to traditional bathrooms.



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