8 Ways To Streamline Your Morning Bathroom Routine

By Edward

29th Jun 2016

3 mins read

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Make more time for yourself in the morning by streamlining your bathroom routine.

8 Ways To Streamline Your Morning Bathroom Routine

1. Let in the sunshine
2. Keep things clean and organised
3. Morning playlist
4. De-mist pad mirror
5. Leave your phone in the bedroom
6. Get things done the night before
7. Consider a double basin
8. Treat yourself to new bathroom accessories

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You know that feeling when you're ahead of time leaving the house and as a result the commute to work is an absolute pleasure. Every traffic light you see is permanently set to green, every train or bus runs like clockwork; mornings always run smoothly when you're on time.

The bathroom is one place everyone has to visit in the morning. We all have our morning bathroom routine which invariably consists of transforming from the 'just got out of bed cave person' look to the 'fully functioning member of society, take me seriously' look.

So, we all want a little more time in the morning and we know we have to get washed and dressed before we leave the house. This guide has been written to help. Sit back and let me run through a few essential tips on how to streamline your morning ritual.

1. Let in the sunshine

Seems simple doesn't it? Open your bathroom curtains or blinds to allow the glorious new day into your bathroom. You may be surprised to hear however that many of us don't make time for this simple task because we are so pushed for time when the pressure is on first thing in the morning.

Let the sunshine in! Seeing sunlight affects how you feel by subconsciously preparing you for the day ahead and making you feel happier (it's a proven fact). In addition to sunlight, make sure you turn on every light in the bathroom too. If you’re worried about the environment or the expense of turning lights on then be content that you'll be in and out of the bathroom quicker so use less energy overall.

2. Keep things clean and organised

Everyone has their own opinion of what tidy and organised means to them. Some people like to hoard empty shampoo bottles, other people like to clean their shower enclosure with cotton buds; for most of us, a weekly clean and to know where most things are in the bathroom constitutes a clean and organised bathroom.

That's it really for this tip: the dirtier and more disorganised your bathroom is the longer it will take you to get ready in the morning, so grab the bleach and your favourite disinfectant spray and get to work!

3. Morning playlist

This is the best tip in this whole list. Make a morning playlist that you play while you're getting ready in the bathroom. Banging tunes, a pop megamix or the quintessential sounds of Beethoven or Bach? Whatever gets you going in the morning should be the songs that make it onto your morning playlist.

One other point to mention is always keep your playlist up to date. Delete songs you're bored of and add the latest tracks as they become available. Believe me, a stale playlist runs the risk of going the same way as making your favourite song your ringtone or alarm; basically, you end up hating it because you've heard it way too many times. An up to date and rockin' playlist is something to look forward to when your eyes first open in the morning.

4. De-mist pad mirror

You jump in the shower only to discover that when you get out, your mirror has accumulated an unmovable layer on condensation (mist). What to do? Wiping a hand or towel across the mirror is only a temporary solution as more condensation immediately begins to form and now you have an unsightly streak across your mirror that will last until you next get around to cleaning it, aargh!

Fear not, modern science has offered up a brilliant solution: de-mist pad mirrors (also known as fog free mirrors)! These genius inventions allow you to potentially shower until you're a prune whilst always ensuring that no condensation will get in the way of you seeing your post bathing reflection. Perfect!

5. Leave your phone in the bedroom

Don't allow your 'connection to the world' (your mobile telephone) distract you from your morning bathroom routine. Leave it in the bedroom. Of course you want to know how many 'likes' your Instagram post got over night or whose birthday it is on Facebook but the truth is your phone is a massive distraction.

How can I listen to my morning playlist when my phone is in the bedroom? I hear you say. Ok, you've got me there, this is an exception to the rule; if your phone is your main source of music then bring it into the bathroom with you but under no circumstances reply to text messages until you're eating your morning cornflakes. Deal?

6. Get things done the night before

Clues in the title here. Box off as many jobs as possible the night before so you're not tied down to doing them in the morning when time is of the essence. Picking out tomorrow's outfit, preparing your breakfast in advance or treating yourself to an evening soak will all contribute to making your bathroom routine simpler.

The thing to remember here is that doing things in the evening rather than first thing will create more time in the morning but also take away time late at night. Failing to plan is planning to fail they say so finish watching that catch-up episode of your favourite TV show and get as much done as you can before curling up in bed.

7. Consider a double basin

A hot 2016 bathroom design trend: double basins allow two people to get ready in the bathroom simultaneously. A great time saver if you live with your partner or share a bathroom with your family. They look great too so that’s another bonus.

You could even take this further too by doubling up on things like toothpaste and other bathroom essentials but perhaps that's going too far. Sharing is fun, I've always thought, and a big plus of having a double basin is that you get to hang out with your nearest and dearest before everyone heads off in different directions.

8. Treat yourself to new bathroom accessories

You know that feeling when you've got the chance to wear something new for the day? A new top, jacket, suit or shoes? There's that little more excitement about the thought of getting out of bed. Well why not apply that logic to your bathroom accessories?

A new set of plush towels or a stylish (yet understated of course) bathroom set could be just the remedy if you’re bored of seeing the same old tired accessories day in day out. Remember, new bathroom accessories are the easiest way to transform the look of your bathroom so an investment here is always a wise choice.

And there we have it: 8 tips on how to improve your morning bathroom routine. Did you pick up any tips or maybe feel reassured that your own morning routine is already as slick as it can be? I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the ideas mentioned above. If you have any of your own tips that you would like to share with me (and our 55,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter) then please post a comment in the Facebook sponsored comments section below. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have much more 'ahead of time' mornings in the future.

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