8 Ideas to Update Your Bathroom without an Entire Renovation

By Ally

6th Jan 2016

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Fancy a change? Here are some ways to update your bathroom.

8 Ideas to Update Your Bathroom without an Entire Renovation

1. Update, repair or replace?
2. Change handles
3. Fix any broken tiles
4. Tile the floor
5. Add a soap dispenser
6. Add a towel rail
7. Change your bathroom fixtures
8. Replace old tile grout

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If you feel like your bathroom needs a new look but don’t want the hassle of an entire renovation, we here at Victorian Plumbing have come up with some tips to help you update your room that will make it feel brand new!

1. Update, repair or replace?

First, ask yourself: does it need updating, repairing, or replacing completely? We can all get carried away decorating, which isn’t good for your budget! Decorating with a clear intention of what needs updating will save you time, effort, and most importantly money!

2. Change handles

Changing the handle on your bathroom door, toilet or vanity unit can drastically change the look of a fixture without having to replace the entire item.

3. Fix any broken tiles

Although tiles are durable and hardwearing, sometimes they break. Broken tiles can make your bathroom look dated and unloved. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, you can remove a broken tile without having to remove the entire floor / wall which will give your bathroom a clean finish.  Just be careful not to damage surrounding tiles when attempting to remove a broken tile.

4. Tile the floor

Carpeted floors can be difficult to clean and maintain in a bathroom, which can lead to it looking dull. The humid environment can trap germs in the fabric which can lead to a build-up of bacteria. Why not select a floor that is hard wearing and easier to clean and maintain, such as floor tiles? This could prove a valuable investment for your bathroom.

5. Add a soap dispenser

It is the small details that make a big difference. A soap dispenser is a small fixture that can make a big difference. Not only is it practical, but can add to subtle detail to your bathroom. Plus, it will keep your sink looking nice and clean by not having soap scum around the basin top.

6. Add a towel rail

Not many bathrooms have enough space for towel storage. Adding a towel rail will allow you to display your towels for a nice visual display.

7. Change your bathroom fixtures

Changing fixtures can alter the tone of your bathroom. If you have a dripping tap, updating your bathroom taps can be an investment, which can liven up your bathroom. If your shower head has built up lime-scale, replacing it can give your room a nice visual lift.

8. Replace old tile grout

Maintaining the grout in your bathroom is important for keeping your tiles sealed and to prevent mildew. Stained grout can make your bathroom look uncared for, replacing it with new grout can make your tiles look new.

We hope have found these tips useful. Don’t forget to send us over your bathroom update tips.



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