If you’re anything like us, all of this extra time spent indoors will have led to even the smallest issues with your bathroom becoming full-on grievances.

Whether it’s a tired old sink taking the edge off your style or a wall of tasteless tiles bringing you down, we think your bathroom deserves a little extra care during lockdown.

So, we’ve put together a bunch of stylish new bathroom design ideas for you to try - with options to suit modern bathrooms, traditional bathrooms, and even ensuites!

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Concrete Effect Vanity Units - The perfect focal point for industrial-look spaces, concrete effect vanity units are rapidly gaining traction for their ability to bring an elegant and urban vibe to bathrooms.

Arezzo Countertop Basin Unit - Concrete-Effect with Black Frame - 1000mm inc. Basin | Modern Bathroom Designs
Adding this convincing concrete-effect to a modern bathroom design can really heighten your style.

This excellent example of modern bathroom design from Arezzo even manages to integrate another popular trend in its use of matt black for its frame and handles.

Angular Bathroom Suites - While the past few years of bathroom designs have seen suites adopt more organic and curved shapes, we’ve recently noticed a surge towards angular bathroom suites in high-end hotel bathrooms and luxury homes.

Cubetto Modern Bathroom Suite | Modern Bathroom Designs
The Cubetto suite offers an attractive blend of sharp angles and gently curved edges.

It’s only a matter of time before these modern bathroom designs start to appear in droves. We suggest getting in on the trend ahead of the curve with this Cubetto Modern Bathroom Suite.

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

Green Rustic Tiling - Although metro tiles still rule the roost in traditional bathrooms, eagle-eyed observers will have noticed that edgy, rustic looks have started to be integrated too. Tiles with a gently worn-in look can give your space bags of added charm.

Granley Rustic Green Gloss Wall Tiles 70 x 280mm | Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas
These versatile Granley Rustic tiles can even be used in contemporary spaces.

These Granley Rustic Green Gloss Wall Tiles, for instance, are wholeheartedly traditional in shape and style yet their rustic finish gives them a truly distinctive look - one that wouldn’t even seem out of place in modern settings. We recommend pairing these with a glorious clawfoot bath for an all-out lavish look.

Classic Double Sink Vanity Units - Once a staple in grand Victorian townhouses, double sink vanity units are back and quickly becoming the most sought-after piece of bathroom furniture going!

Old London 1200mm Cabinet & Double Bowl Grey Marble Top - Storm Grey | Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas
This roomy double vanity unit looks remarkable with its subtle grey tones and matching chrome doorknobs.

This imposing traditional bathroom design idea gives couples their own space with which to do exactly as they please. Perfect for if your partner is a little bit messier than you are! Our pick? This Old London Storm Grey Double Vanity Unit. With its impressive wood panelling and dual marbled vitreous china basins, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish unit.

Ensuite Bathroom Designs

Modern Combination Units - With most ensuites being considerably more compact than master bathrooms, it makes a lot of sense to free up as much space as possible to give the illusion of more room. With this in mind, every good ensuite bathroom design should consider going for a combination unit.

Brooklyn 1000 Black Semi-Recessed Combination Unit (Round Basin, Vanity + WC Unit) | Ensuite Bathroom Designs
As small as they look, combination units are just as functional as their larger counterparts.

As demonstrated in this splendid Brooklyn Black Semi-Recessed Combination Unit, they usually feature a basin, vanity, and WC Unit in one scaled-down package. This will provide you with exactly the same functionality as bigger separate units while taking up far less space.

Traditional Wall Mounted Bath Fillers - If you’re the owner of a traditionally styled ensuite complete with a freestanding bath, you may have noticed how cumbersome freestanding bath taps can be. In particularly tiny spaces, these can regularly get in the way and make cleaning more difficult.

Hudson Reed Topaz Lever Wall Mounted Bath Filler - BC303HLWM | Ensuite Bathroom Designs
This sophisticated Hudson Reed Topaz bath filler is just as stylish but far more unobtrusive than floorstanding bath taps.

Our ensuite bathroom design suggestion for situations like this is to install a low profile wall mounted bath filler. The Hudson Reed Topaz Bath Filler is a wonderful choice that looks the part, without having a negative impact on the amount of floor space available.

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