A bathroom’s walls cover such a huge amount of space - but many of us fail to do anything interesting with them when renovating.

While tried and tested bright white tiles and walls can be effective in understated spaces, sometimes you need a little extra something to take your renovation to the next level.

But even those who do opt for exciting colours and patterned tiles regularly leave it at that.

Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of ways to make your bathroom walls stand out.

So, to get the ideas flowing, we’ve put together a list of 5 trending bathroom wall ideas to boost your bathroom’s style.

5 On-trend Bathroom Wall Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom

1. Helpful Shelving - Though it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of bathrooms that don’t integrate any clever on-the-wall storage. In addition to their practical benefits, bathroom shelving is now available in a huge variety of styles allowing you to match it to seamlessly fit in your bathroom.

Arezzo Matt Black Modern Double Glass Shelf | Bathroom Wall Ideas
Organise toiletries in style with this Arezzo Matt Black Modern Double Glass Shelf.

This Arezzo Matt Black Double Glass Shelf, for example, can serve as additional storage when implemented near a bathroom sink or work as a sturdy caddy for shampoos and conditioners in a shower. The on-trend matt black styling makes it ideal for any contemporary space. It’s a simple but highly effective option to add to your list of ideas.

2. Dramatic Vertical Radiators - Your home’s heating is another aspect that can be utilised to create stunning bathroom walls. The last few years, in particular, have seen a sharp rise in the popularity of imposing vertical radiators. These striking alternative rads are available in a variety of different sizes with some being able to stretch from floor to ceiling - creating an almost seamless look.

Metro Vertical Radiator - Anthracite - Double Panel | Bathroom Wall Ideas
This sophisticated Metro Vertical Radiator can be used as the basis of all manner of modern bathroom wall ideas.

One of our most popular examples of this new trend is the Metro Vertical Radiator. A substantial 1600mm in height, the radiator will make for an elegant focal point - even if your bathroom walls are a little underwhelming by comparison. If you opt for one of these, we suggest embracing contrast for your wall ideas - pairing them with plain white walls, tiles or painted brick.

3. Dazzling Bathroom Wall Panels - Your bathroom’s shower doesn’t get a free pass either! Whether you have a small enclosure or a roomy walk-in wet room, the wall space behind it can be made use of to enhance your bathroom’s appeal. From glorious traditional bathroom cladding ideas in the form of wood panelling to sleek one-piece wall panels, there’s an option for everyone.

Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble Bathroom Wall Panel | Tiled Bathroom Wall Ideas
The Calacatta Marble Bathroom Wall Panel represents great value and can transform a big section of bathroom wall with ease.

Bathroom wall panels, such as the Calacatta Marble Wall Panel pictured above, are an outstanding alternative to regular tiles and a great tool for adding a bit of a flourish to showers. As an added bonus - these can often be more cost-effective than adding a feature wall of tiles. A really effective option for you to consider when dreaming up bathroom wall ideas.

4. Contemporary Hexagon Tiling - Bathroom wall tiles themselves can be used as an impressive feature - if you choose them wisely. For traditional spaces, opt for period-appropriate tiled bathroom wall ideas - such as glossy metro or retro patterned tiles. However, if you’re wanting to make an impact in a modern space, there are a plethora of compelling and highly unique tile designs available.

Elise White Hexagon Wall and Floor Tiles - 170 x 520mm
The appealing geometric shapes of these hexagon wall tiles can add depth to a modern space.

Our most out-there pick? Elise White Hexagon Tiles. Mesmerising geometric designs are starting to show up in high-end bathrooms of boutique hotels, and these tiles give you means to add the look to your own home at an affordable price. They can even be used for flooring - for those craving a clean and consistent look.

Other popular tiled bathroom wall ideas include metro tiles in matt grey hues and texture square tiles in soft pinks.

5. Sophisticated Wall Lighting - At VP HQ, we always put emphasis on the importance of good bathroom lighting. Too much light and you’ll struggle to dodge the glare from all of your bathroom’s many reflective surfaces. Not enough light and you’ll find large portions of your fancy new renovation obscured by shadows. Luckily, there are countless good-looking lighting options that you can add to your bathroom walls to alleviate any issues.

Endon Square Wall Light with Pull Switch - 39627
The Endon Square Wall Light can be used on its own to provide ambient lighting or in tandem with other options to overhaul your bathroom's key lighting.

A few carefully spaced bathroom wall lights can work wonders to define the mood of a bathroom. We suggest adding a handful of wall lights, like the Endon Square Wall Light pictured above, in any areas that you wish to highlight.

What About New Bathroom Cladding Ideas?

In addition to bathroom and shower wall panels, new bathroom cladding ideas are starting to pop up in high-end designer bathrooms.

Fluted cladding - an angular look that consists of grooved panels - is becoming a prominent choice for industrial bathrooms, with its reminiscence of corrugated metal. The eyecatching grooves can even provide your space with unique acoustic properties to aid the relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom cladding that expertly mimics the look of exposed brick has also started to be adopted by designers, with its texture being able to bring a gritty, lived-in feel to spaces that can often feel a little too sterile.

Keep an eye out for these innovative bathroom cladding ideas. We predict a big increase in their popularity in the coming months!

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