With its beautiful naturally occurring patterns, marble has long been one of the most sought after materials for use in bathrooms. It’s found in palaces, stately homes, and posh offices. It’s even found lining the walls and covering the floors in the bathrooms of the world’s most affluent.

This may have led you to believe that a marble look bathroom is way out of your budget, but this doesn't have to be the case.

Allow us to explain...

In recent years cheaper ‘marble effect’ materials have improved to the extent that it is now incredibly difficult to tell the difference between them and the real thing. Basins, tiles, vanities and many other bathroom staples are now available in convincing faux marble finishes.

On top of this, these marble alternatives are often just as durable as actual marble while requiring less effort to clean and maintain.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite products to bring the marble look to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Marble Bathroom Tiles
2. Marble Basins
3. Marble Vanities
4. Marble Toilet Seats
5. Marble Accessories

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Our Top 5 Ways to Add Marble to Your Bathroom

1. Marble Bathroom Tiles - The most common use for marble in the bathroom. Whether you choose to employ them on the walls or the floors, marble and marble effect tiling can work to instantly provide your space with that feeling of grandeur. These Luxury Marble Effect Wall & Floor Tiles are our current tile of choice.

Luxury Marble Effect Wall & Floor Tiles
Suitable for use on walls and floors, these marble effect tiles are a quality alternative to pricy marble walls.

An authentic-looking marble effect without the hefty costs that come with the real thing. These bright white porcelain tiles feature patterns that are just as varied and distinctive as those you’d find in prestigious Carrara marble.

2. Marble Basins - A glorious marble sink can completely overhaul the look of a room, and even distract from any less-than-perfect features. This Moon White Round Marble Basin, for instance, would make for an instant scene-stealer.

The Moon White 420mm Round Marble Basin
A tasteful countertop basin complete with an arresting marble effect finish.

Designed to be mounted to a counter, this natural stone sink looks particularly stand-out when equipped with on-trend matte black tapware. Each basin boasts entirely unique marble patterning, further enhancing the authentic feel.

3. Marble Vanities - For most people, grandiose vanities are a bathroom must-have. Practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, they can offer storage in abundance while providing an elegant focal point for your space. Chatsworth’s White 610mm Vanity with White Basin Top offers a means of achieving that coveted marble bathroom look.

The Chatsworth White 610mm Vanity with Marble Basin Top
A sophisticated marble-topped vanity unit with ample storage space and a single tap hole.

We’re especially fond of the way in which this unit’s ceramic basin is seamlessly built into the marble top, giving the impression that it was carved out of a single block of real marble. An alluring alternative to a standard marble sink.

4. Marble Effect Toilet Seats - To truly complete the marble bathroom look, we suggest topping the white ceramic of your toilet with a marble effect seat. Kleine Wolke is a trusted German manufacturer of reliable bathroom accessories, and their Marble Top Fix Soft Close Toilet Seat is our pick.

The Marble Top Fix Soft Close Toilet Seat
Soft-close and easy-to-install. This marble effect seat from Kleine Wolke is made of durable thermoplastic.

A durable, easy-to-install seat with soft close hinges for smooth and quiet closing. The marbling on this is particularly eye-catching, with realistic dark veins of anthracite.

5. Marble Accessories - Flirting with the idea of introducing marble but not sure if you’re ready to commit? A marble bathroom accessory set is a great way to test the water without investing heavily. Trafalgar’s Grey Marble Effect Polyresin Bathroom Accessories Set consists of three stunning bathroom essentials that can subtly enhance the spaces around sinks and vanities.

The Trafalgar Grey Marble Effect Polyresin Bathroom Accessories Set
A refined set of 3 essential bathroom accessories all boasting a faithful marble effect.

A soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and a soap dish all sporting popular geometric designs and finished with a realistic-looking marble effect. Try using this set to organise your space and see how a touch of marble works in your bathroom.

Marble Alternatives?

Unsure about the marble bathroom look but still in need of a unique theme for your space? Give the following trending alternatives a try:

Grey Wood - Another way to bring a hint of the outdoors into your bathroom. On-trend grey wood tones can serve to create stunning contemporary spaces. Monza’s stone grey range of bathroom furniture (including vanities, storage, and WC units) can be used to completely overhaul the look of a space. Create a minimalist environment that doesn’t cut you off from nature.

Matte Black - As previously mentioned, products with matte black finishes can look stunning when paired with marble furnishings. However, bathrooms adorned with matte black can be compelling on their own. Black grid shower screens, matte black taps, and even matte black basins can be all be utilised to design sophisticated modern bathrooms.

Rose Gold - A warmer and more inviting tone, rose gold has experienced an unbelievable resurgence since it was used as a finish on a popular mobile phone. You can now find almost any item you can think of in a rose gold hue. Bathrooms that make good use of it are energetic, warm and inviting spaces and can be designed to look traditional or modern. Our rose gold range has everything you need to get started; from intricate taps to sleek rose gold radiators.

Hopefully, this short style guide has helped you realise that a marble look bathroom is within your reach! Converted to the marble bathroom cause? You can explore a huge range of other products here.