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5 Steps to Understanding Digital Showers

By Alan

17th Aug 2018

5 mins read

DIY & Technical

Get the latest expert advice from Victorian Plumbing and Mira with these 5 steps to understanding digital showers.

White Bathroom With Silver Shower Enclosure

Understand what a digital shower is and which one will be best suited to your bathroom with these simple and straightforward explanations.

Table of contents

1. Digital Showers Explained
2. Know Your Water System
3. Wired and Wireless Digital Showers
4. Dual Outlet/Shower Head Options
5. New, Innovative Digital Showers

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When considering a new shower system, you may have noticed that there are far more choices than just simple showers and electric showers; one newcomer in particular is a digital shower! To help you understand what a digital shower is and what it can do for you our team of experts here at Victorian Plumbing decided to team-up with the experts at Mira Showers to compile these 5 simple steps to understanding digital showers!

Mira Digital Shower
Mira Digital Showers - 5 Steps to Understanding Digital Showers

Throughout this guide we’ve used Mira digital showers for our examples - well, it just seemed like a good idea to have the experts talk about products that they have their expertise in, right?! - but there are lots of digital showers available from a wide range of excellent brands.


1. Digital Showers Explained

A digital shower works in a similar way to a mixer shower, by taking water from your hot and cold supplies, blending these together to reach the desired temperature. Digital showers go one step further than a mixer; the clever digital technology means that truly precise temperature control can be achieved, even to within a degree, for added family safety. There are differences between digital showers, such as whether they are wired or wireless, and are packed with innovative features such as eco and warm-up modes, and the ability to control them from your smartphone.


2. Know Your Water System

There are both high pressure and pumped digital shower options available, so choose the one that is suited to your water system. A high pressure option is suited to combi boilers and unvented pressure systems, whereas a pumped option is suited to gravity fed systems only. Remember to check with your plumber if you’re in doubt.


3. Wired and Wireless Digital Showers

There are also different installation options available for your new digital shower – wired or wireless options. Wired digital showers, such as the Mira Mode, feature a wired installation where a data cable connects the controller with the valve. Wireless digital showers, such as the Mira Platinum, have a wireless connection between the two. Be sure to check which option suits your installation best, or is preferred by your plumber.

Digital Shower in Silver Shower Enclosure
Digital Showers - 5 Steps to Understanding Digital Showers

Mira wireless digital showers have clever technology and innovative features. Models from The Mira Platinum range such as the Mira Platinum Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower, for example, comes with a helpful warm-up mode; when you switch on your shower, it will quickly reach your chosen temperature, then stop running and wait until you are ready to get in. Plus, the handy digital display means that you can keep track of time whilst you’re having your morning shower. If you’re watching your water and energy bills, try the helpful eco mode.


4. Dual Outlet/Shower Head Options

All Mira single outlet digital showers come complete with a multi-mode showerhead with 4 bespoke spray experiences. For example, this Mira Platinum Rear Fed Digital Shower single outlet features the Mira 360 showerhead; its innovative Mira Flipstream™ technology gives you 4 different spray options to choose from. Alternatively, the Mira Mode ceiling fed digital mixer shower single outlet comes with the award-winning Mira Switch showerhead, featuring 4 different spray modes, one of which, Soothe Spray, has been dermatologically accredited for sensitive skin by the Skin Health Alliance. Both the Mira Mode and Mira Platinum digital shower ranges have dual outlet options. So, as well as the hand shower, the dual outlet comes with a large, deluge (or rainshower) showerhead for a sensational showering experience.


5. New, Innovative Digital Showers

If you’re a fan of the latest technology then don’t miss out on the latest digital innovation in showers! Mira have just launched the new Mira Mode digital shower. This innovative shower comes with a free app to download on your smartphone with handy features such as the ability to switch your shower on/off, set the duration and maximum temperature of your shower. The Mira Mode’s award-winning design includes slick LED indicator lights on the shower controller which flash whilst the shower is warming up, remaining constant once it has reached your desired temperature.

Iphone With Mira Digital App On Screen
Mira Mode Digital Showers App - 5 Steps to Understanding Digital Showers

We really hope that you found this digital showers guide helpful and now understand what a digital shower is. We’d like to thank the experts at Mira for their knowledge regarding this type of shower and please feel free to share this guide with somebody who you think will find it useful. If you’re a big fan of the latest technology then why not take a look at a recent article where we talk about the latest smart bathroom upgrades?



Alan is one of our bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. He likes writing helpful articles on bathroom trends and ideas. As well as writing his specialist buying guides, Alan can be found here sharing his expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides. When he isn't posting on the blog, he likes surfing the web for top bathroom tips and useful customer advice.

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