4 Tips To Help You Get The Mid-Century Modern Look

3rd Dec 2015

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

If you happen to be a fan of mid-century décor, then this re-emerging trend is definitely for you.

Style Tips

What is mid-century modern design?
1. Add wood
2. Keep walls neutral
3. Traditional meets modern
4. Accessories

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Mid-century modern bathroom ideas

Have you been looking at giving your bathroom a fresh look? Think of something that blends the sophistication of a more traditional design with the minimalism of modern décor? Then I’m sure you’ve come across mid-century modern style during your search; a major design movement influencing everything from home interiors to architecture, this style trend saw resurgence in 2015. But how do you nail this particular look? Allow us to explain…..

What is mid-century modern design?

The trend originates from the 1940’s and extends up until the 1970’s, where there was a huge influence from Scandinavian designers for simple yet elegant designs, which became prevalent world-wide during this time period.

When someone says mid-century to us, we can’t help but think of sleek wooden furniture, neutral palettes, and splashes of bold coloured accessories.

We’ve compiled a few ideas that will subtly bring the look into your bathroom.

1. Add wood

Classic wooden furniture epitomises this era and is a key ingredient to this look. Textured wooden furniture, such as our Brooklyn avola vanity unit, will provide you with a standout piece with its simple lines and practical approach.

2. Keep walls neutral

Allow furniture to be the standout piece in your bathroom by keeping your wall palette as neutral as possible. This will allow your furniture to be the focal point of the room. Our metro tile range is available in neutral tones that will help give you a clean finish.

3. Traditional meets modern

Mix up modern pieces with era inspired pieces that feature wooded designs. This will help to create a contemporary feel that will give you a subtle nod to the mid-century era. A great example of this is the Nova wall hung slim line counter top basin (pictured above).

4. Accessories

Subtle details through clever accessory choices will further continue this look. You can choose accessories that will provide you with a splash of colour to add character to your bathroom, or choose to stay neutral in your colour choice. But remember, minimalism is the key ingredient to this trend and of course you can update your bathroom's look in an instant by changing your bathroom accessories.

I hope your have enjoyed reading my 4 simple mid-century bathroom ideas. I hope you have picked up lots of ideas and inspiration that you can use in the your bathroom design. If you have any questions about this bathroom style then please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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