4 Freestanding Bath Bathroom Ideas (and How to Implement Them)

By George

10th Nov 2020

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With luxurious tubs quickly becoming a must-have feature, we've put together a few of our favourite freestanding bath design ideas to give you inspiration for your own home.

4 Freestanding Bath Bathroom Ideas (and How to Implement Them)

Whether you’ve been thinking of renovating for a while or you’ve just seen a particularly eye-catching tub, freestanding baths are a hugely popular option for those wanting to make a statement.

And, as they offer a host of benefits over standard baths, it’s easy to see why.

Their grand appearances allow them to serve as stunning focal points, their diverse designs can suit both modern and traditional settings, and they’re now available in shapes and sizes to fit most spaces.

So, to give you that spark of creativity we’ve detailed our some freestanding bath bathroom ideas below. All of which can create unique, high-end looks that wouldn’t seem out of place in high-end designer bathrooms.

Our Favourite Freestanding Bath Bathroom Ideas

1. A Simple Traditional Look - This straightforward bathroom idea really plays to the strengths of the traditional freestanding bath. The glorious Chatsworth Double Ended Slipper Roll Top is placed as the centrepiece of the space, with ample room around it to draw the eye. The rest of the room is decorated in a relatively low-key manner, save for a wonderful flourish in the form of geometric floor tiles.

The Chatsworth tub is the star of the show here, though. Its gently curved design and clean gloss white finish add an air of sophistication to the space, while the polished chrome of the imposing freestanding bath shower mixer taps accentuates it further.

2. A Stylish Retro Combo - Another bright look, this traditional freestanding bath bathroom idea embraces gloss white wall tiles to make the room feel bigger than it actually is. We’re even bigger fans of the decision to use contrasting darker pattern tiles for the flooring to really make things pop. But let’s get to that Appleby Roll Top Shower Bath that brings it all together.

Grandiose freestanding bath design ideas don’t always have to come with tradeoffs. The freestanding bath shower combo used in this bathroom is designed to be fitted in a corner and comes supplied with an effective shower screen that will create a fully-functional shower area. In addition to this, the screen’s subtle curves allow it to effortlessly blend in with the traditional styling of the tub.

3. An Ultra-Modern Slipper - Great freestanding bath design ideas can wholeheartedly embrace modern design elements too. This bathroom’s stunning blend of on-trend hues and engaging patterns really works to set the stage. The walls boast a unique marble-effect hexagonal tile while the floors feature a classic black and white zig-zag tile. On paper, these two patterns should clash. However, in action, they’re expertly brought together by the freestanding tub at the centre of the space.

The bath in question is the Turin 1665 Modern Slipper Free Standing Bath. A thick white acrylic slipper that gently rises at one end to provide a comfortable bathing position. Its minimalist, understated style works extremely well amidst the clashing patterns.

4. An Elegant Corner Tub - Modern freestanding bath ideas can be tailored to fit tighter spaces too. This idea, for example, makes expert use of the Arezzo Modern Curved Corner Bath and fits it snugly in the bathroom without taking up too much floor space.

Calming grey wall and floor tiles give the space a distinctively contemporary vibe, while subtle flourishes in the form of green plants add an important organic touch. An overhead towel rail ensures you’ll always have a toasty towel within reach, but this can be replaced by a shower if you require one.

What if you don’t have enough room for a freestanding bath?

If you think the freestanding bath bathroom ideas we’ve detailed seem a bit too ambitious for the space you have, don’t panic! There are plenty of compact options starting at just 1300mm, such as this incredible Snowden Small Modern Freestanding Bath, which can squeeze into tiny bathrooms without looking out of place.

If our freestanding bath design ideas have given you the spark of inspiration that you needed, check out our entire range, here. With over 200 high-quality options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your space. For a whole range of other bathroom ideas, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing Blog.



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