3 Tips To Help You Create a Timeless Bathroom

By Ally

8th Jan 2016

3 mins read

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Helping you create a classic bathroom.

3 Tips To Help You Create a Timeless Bathroom

1. Use shades of white, cream and grey
2. Use natural stone
3. Add a freestanding bath

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Keeping an eye on the current trends is something the majority of us like to do. It’s easy to get carried away when decorating your home with recent interior design updates, but the only problem is that trends can come and go quickly!

Even though we like to keep you updated with the current trends, creating a timeless classic will add longevity to your bathroom.

Creating a timeless look will ensure you get great value for money and still enables you to subtly add current trends to your decor if you would like to do so in future.

Here at Victorian Plumbing we have come up with some tips for helping you create a classic bathroom:

1. Use shades of white, cream and grey

Shades of white, cream and grey give you the option to add a splash of colour through bathroom accessories. If you are opting for a complete redesign, consider choosing fixtures in these hues.

Many bathroom heating options come in white colours which are perfect for this theme. Make sure you go with traditional heating products; one great example is column radiators. Column radiators have modern technology such as efficient heating, but they're styled in a period look which is perfect for a timeless bathroom.

Decorating in a neutral tone will not only provide you with a unified look, but these are shades that never go out of ‘season’. We suggest decorating your walls in neutral tones; metro tiles are a fantastic option as their timeless appeal ensures longevity and durability.

2. Use natural stone

Marble has been used for centuries for many purposes, including architecture and sculptures, mainly due to its resistance to shattering. Its durability makes marble a-go-to piece, which makes it a good choice for an investment. Its reflective surface can add of brightness into a room. Marble works well with gold and chrome fixtures such as taps and handles.

3. Add a freestanding bath

freestanding bath is another classic piece that has stood the test of time. There are a variety of styles and designs available to suite contemporary and classic tastes. When deciding what fixtures to choose to accompany your bath fixture, opt for quality bathroom taps in a chrome or gold finish as these metallic shades never go out of style.

We hope that you find these tips helpful if you are planning on updating your bathroom. We’d love to see your classic creations, feel free to send them over to us!



Ally is one of our bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. She'll be posting updates on the latest bathroom trends and decorating tips. Look out for her bathroom buying guides and expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides.

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