29 Bright Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2017/18

By Alan

21st Sep 2016

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Bathroom Ideas

Find loads of bathroom lighting ideas to help you create a dazzling bathroom in 2017 and 2018!

29 Bright Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2017/18

1. Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas
2. Bathroom Wall Lighting
3. Bathroom Floor Lights
4. Bathroom Mood Lighting
5. Hollywood Lighting Ideas
6. Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas
7. LED Lighting Bathroom Ideas
8. Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas
9. Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas
10. Shower Lighting Ideas
11. Bathroom Spotlights Inspiration
12. Bathroom Downlights Inspiration
13. Ideas For Bathroom Plinth Lights
14. Coloured Lighting Ideas
15. Bathroom Light Pulls Inspiration
16. Bathroom Light Switches
17. Recessed Bathroom Lighting Ideas
18. Flush Bathroom Lighting Ideas
19. LED Strip Lighting Ideas
20. Bathroom Mirror Lighting Ideas
21. Bathroom Cabinets With Lights
22. Candlelight Ideas
23. Pendant Lighting Ideas
24. Ring Lighting Ideas
25. Extractor Fan Lighting
26. Shower Heads With Lights
27. Taps With Lights
28. Light Shades Ideas
29. Small Spotlights Inspiration

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

You’re probably wondering why on earth I’m writing about bathroom lighting ideas when we’re still enjoying what’s left of summer... and “2017” I hear you gasp, I know, I know we’ve still got two seasons left of this year however, it’s fast approaching autumn and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the nights are unfortunately getting darker and duller as we head for 2018!

As winter draws nearer and the days become darker earlier, it’s easy to forget those summer nights where light is hardly necessary and it’s even a bit of a struggle to remember what the ‘click’ sounds like when you flick the light switch on and off.

Although you can’t beat the sun shining during a beautiful summer, I’m sure you will agree that it takes something special to beat being wrapped up warm and braving the cold outside through autumn and winter! That’s when you get home and really appreciate the warm welcoming light in the hallway, the comfort of luxury lights in the living room and those cool, practical kitchen lights when you’re cooking.

But, what about the bathroom lights? If you’re bathroom is anything like mine it can sometimes feel like the darkest place in the house and without lights can be a seriously difficult place to be in! So, to help spark off your imagination we’ve put together 29 bathroom lighting ideas to brighten up the rest of your year and light the way into 2017 in total style!

Bathroom Lighting Types

Bathroom lighting is categorised by zones. Lighting zones range from 0-3 and depending on where the light is going it will need to be suitable for that particular zone. To find out more about bathroom electrical zones please click here!

Below you can find a list of the best lighting ideas for 2017 to make it easier to find inspiration whether you want lights for your bathroom wallsfloors or ceilings, and everything in-between.

1. Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

The ceiling is quite possibly the most obvious place to hang a light for your bathroom. Out of the way and perfectly placed to cast light into the whole room without any obstruction, a ceiling light is one of the most popular options for homeowners who require practicality.

There are many styles to choose from but one great bathroom ceiling light idea for 2017 is the sleek smokey grey finish of the Taurus 4 Ceiling Light by Forum

2. Bathroom Wall Lighting

Sometimes a ceiling light just doesn’t shine enough light throughout the room. Bathroom wall lighting not only offers additional vision but it’s also on show; which makes for a great way to add subtle style to the room no matter how big or small your budget is!

Get creative for 2017 with this stretched glass rectangle bathroom wall lighting idea from Endon

3. Bathroom Floor Lights

Styling your bathroom with lighting occasionally has to start from the ground up and in these situations it’s hard to ignore the dazzling effect that bathroom floor lighting can have on the room!

In 2017, expect to see much more floor lighting ideas used to show-off a real bathroom centrepiece such as this freestanding bath:

Get the look with the stunning cool white Saxby Ikon Pro floor light kit.

4. Bathroom Mood Lighting

Switch your lighting depending on your mood and increase the level of satisfaction from your bathroom. Whether you’re aiming for total relaxation in the bath or a disco ball delight as you prepare for a night out, a fantastic and very simple idea is to use a dimmer switch to create bathroom mood lighting and get rid of that doom and gloom for 2017!

5. Hollywood Lighting Ideas

Lights, camera, action! Take a look at Hollywood lights if you want your bathroom to be the star of the show! Feel the power of fame at first hand every time you use your mirror! This lighting idea can work brilliantly in the bathroom or act as a secondary light source in a dressing room!

Play right into the hands of your desires with this Hollywood style mirror:

Get the look with the Forum Ara lights!

6. Bathroom Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Nothing says elegance like a chandelier. It’s easy to visualise a chandelier in a grand hall entrance or above a grand Y-shaped staircase in a stately home but have you ever thought about placing a chandelier in a bathroom?

Why not create a truly unique focal point within your traditional bathroom and you’d be surprised how little they cost too.

If you like this bathroom lighting idea you can get the look with the Forum Vela!

7. LED Lighting Bathroom Ideas

LED lights not only illuminate your bathroom better than many lighting alternatives but they also reduce energy consumption too! Energy saving ideas are big this year and will continue to be popular throughout 2017.

They come in both modern and traditional styles however, modern bathroom lighting really is enhanced by LED technology. LED there be light with the HiB Inertia:

8. Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

It may seem blindingly obvious that modern bathroom lighting would make it into our lighting ideas for 2017 guide but, contemporary styles are becoming more and more energy efficient, as we have seen with LED lights, and made to sit in various areas of the bathroom.

Using modern lighting for your bathroom will enhance the practicality and function whilst keeping your whole style up to date for years to come!

9. Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Traditional styles tend to be timeless for bathrooms and home decor. Not only is this style everlasting but vintage style lights are also built with the latest technology and materials too!

Add a small touch of Edwardian elegance to any bathroom with the Burlington Edwardian Single Elliptical Light:

10. Shower Lighting Ideas

Shower your bathroom in a ray of light by increasing the amount of lighting to it. By adding shower lights, positioned just above the shower enclosure or walk in shower room, lighting beams down on the shower area to produce a gorgeous effect! It serves as a practical choice yet looks absolutely fabulous as a feature too!

Ignite a new look in your bathroom with these white Infuse shower lights from HiB:

11. Bathroom Spotlights Inspiration

Make your bathroom the centre of attention with stunning spotlights! They’re not only beautiful to look at but they’re also extremely practical, allowing you to reposition the lighting so that it illuminates different areas of the bathroom as required.

For a totally modern modification to your bathroom use a spotlight like this HiB Cirro:

12. Bathroom Downlights Inspiration

Downlights produce a very similar lighting effect to spotlights and they are often confused with one another. What’s the difference? Well, spotlights can be angled to shine on different areas whereas downlighting is fixed and shines light in the same place.

Fast forward your bathroom into 2017 style with the Enluce downlighters featuring a cool LED edge:

13. Ideas For Bathroom Plinth Lights

Plinth lights add a unique border of light around the bathroom and look both modern and elegant. They sit just above floor level and highlight the beauty of your bathroom furniture where the light from above sometimes struggles to reach.

For a great look in 2017 give this Hudson Reed option the green light:

14. Coloured Lighting Ideas

If you’re feeling like having a colourful year in 2017 then why not carry the same mood into your bathroom with coloured lighting? Most multi-coloured lighting allows you to set a particular colour, strobe effects or fade in and out by using a small controller.

Set the tone in your bathroom with this colour-changing LED mirror by Premier:

15. Bathroom Light Pulls Inspiration

Light pulls (also known as a light pulley) are brilliant ways of adding something new to your bathroom without having to make large changes or spend too much money. It’s also a good idea to refresh your light pull when you upgrade your lights as an old, worn pulley will be your bathroom’s first impression to a guest and negate all of your hard work!

In 2017, greys and monochrome designs are going to be even more popular than this year so this chrome pulley by Bristan may be a bright idea!

16. Bathroom Light Switches

Light switches can really let down a brand new bathroom design, especially if you simply leave that old plastic white light switch, which has discoloured slightly, in full view for everyone to see.

Many people are opting for light pulleys for 2017 but if you do want to replace that old fashioned light switch with something cool and creative then you’re just a click away with this great retro light switch idea

17. Recessed Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Recessed lighting looks amazing in bathrooms and, in a room that is traditionally small in the UK, helps reduce the amount of space that is used up in the room. Light beams out from ceilings and walls when switched on yet these fixtures sit neatly out of sight when switched off.

Stand out from the crowd with this Hudson Reed recessed light and imagine it illuminating your bathroom through 2017:

18. Flush Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A flush finish not only looks elegant and refined but it’s also great for creating a minimalist look which is poised to continue in popularity through to 2017 and beyond!

Flush fittings are right on trend at the moment and a popular flush bathroom lighting option is the small square wall light from Endon:

19. LED Strip Lighting Ideas

Similar to the Hollywood lights previously mentioned are strip lights. When placed either side of a mirror or just above a bathroom mirror you’ll see your bathroom in a whole new light! The mirror throws the light around the room and creates a brilliant light around itself to add practicality.

For a great example of strip light usage take a look at the HiB Skylite:

20. Bathroom Mirror Lighting Ideas

Mirror lighting isn’t exactly new technology I know but, over the years mirror manufacturers have refined the style and function of illuminated mirrors and there are some crazy, cool and killer designs to reflect the various personalities of bathrooms!

One style in particular has become a firm favourite amongst our customers -- the Hudson Reed Iona Touch Sensor:

21. Bathroom Cabinets With Lights

Having several areas of the bathroom illuminated can either produce a subtle glow or a bright, heavenly space which you can switch between whenever you please. One way of adding additional lighting to the bathroom, whilst creating a practical space, is a bathroom cabinet with lights.

Add extra style, functionality and light with the Roper Rhodes Visage:

22. Candlelight Ideas

Simply saying the word candlelight can relieve you of a little stress but, add a luxurious bath, a sumptuous setting and real candlelight and you have yourself a dreamy bathroom you won’t want to leave!

Zack 13cm Lunar Candle Holder | 29 Bright Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2017
Zack 13cm Lunar Candle Holder

You can find candles anywhere and choose from scented, therapy or normal; either way the soft flickering light they produce will work equally well and, if you want to add extra style, why not try decorating your bathroom with these Zack Lunar candle holders?

If real candles are a no-no then you may have a burning desire for the next best thing... Endon Baron 3 Candlestick ceiling lights:

23. Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant ceiling lights are used in the bathroom much less than many other types of lighting which is a great benefit if you want your bathroom lighting to be different. Their unique style is a real wow factor and, depending on the design you choose, can create a luxurious feel to brighten up your bathroom from sunset to sunrise.

Here’s a Chinese villa styled hotel bathroom suite that uses pendant lights to an awe-inspiring effect.

Another stunning example of pendant lighting is the Endon Tabitha:

24. Ring Lighting Ideas

A modern bathroom lighting idea that’s going around at the moment is ring lights. Using LED lights they cast a lovely, warm shine over the bathroom and are great for sparking off a stylish feature on the ceiling. Look out for this bathroom lighting style in 2017!

A fantastic example is the Forum Rhea LED 9 ring light:

25. Extractor Fan Lighting

Kill two birds with one stone (or light two bulbs with one switch) with extractor fan lights. Not only can you add a touch of style to a seemingly boring piece of bathroom kit but there are some really bright ideas out there!

One neat idea is the Forum LumenAir Primavera which incorporates an extractor fan into the ceiling lights:

26. Shower Heads With Lights

If you’ve bought lights for your walls, ceiling and floor but, you still need more and you’re running out of ideas then why not complete your bathroom with lights in the shower head? This ultra-modern bathroom lighting idea is really making a splash and is certainly one to watch out for in 2017!

One cool example is the Premier LED shower head which works through water pressure and can cycle through various colours!

27. Taps With Lights

If the thought of a shower head with lights impressed you then sit down for a minute whilst we shed some light on another fantastic bathroom lighting idea! Bathroom taps with lights are going to be a big trend in 2017 as the rise in popularity of them has been on the increase since the beginning of 2016.

Crosswater Water Square Lights Monobloc Basin Mixer | 29 Bright Bathroom Lighting Ideas For 2017
Crosswater Water Square Lights Monobloc Basin Mixer

Why not light up your bathroom with the Crosswater Square Lights range:

28. Light Shades Ideas

Whoever thought light shades and bathrooms would mix well must have seemed a tad dim at first but when you see some of the styles and designs popping up this year you’ll quickly realise that they had a real ‘light-bulb moment’!

Light shades are a subtle way of adding class to a traditional bathroom and can help tone down the lighting if you don’t want things too bright in there! The pleated style shade on this Arcade wall light is a fine example that’ll have you shouting, ‘Eureka’ in 2017!

29. Small Spotlights Inspiration

Last, but certainly not least is a small idea that makes a huge difference! Small spotlights dotted around plinths, skirting boards or surfaces alike can have a dramatic effect. They’re a great idea for highlighting the border of the bathroom itself and really shine when coupled with dimmed lighting in the bathroom.

Switch on the ‘illuminated style’ to an ultra-modern bathroom or dressing room with this mini spotlight kit from Endon:

Why Is Bathroom Lighting An Important Consideration For 2017?

In 2017, bathroom lighting is set to be one of the big features and getting a head start with ideas will give you a beaming smile. It’s important that you choose the right lighting options for your bathroom style so use the ideas and inspiration in our bathroom lighting ideas guide to find the best ones for you.

We hope you enjoyed reading our ideas and found them helpful and inspiring. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then please feel free to leave a comment, we’d love you to enlighten us with some of your views!

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