With Christmas finally over and the New Year’s hangover now a distant memory, it’s time to look ahead and make some plans for 2015. As you know, January is a big month for home improvement, with plenty of bargains to be had out there. So what better time is there to begin that bathroom overhaul you’ve been planning? It’s time to break out the last of the leftover yule log, make yourself comfy and take in what we believe will be the hot new trends for bathroom styling this year.

Grey is the colour

There’s no denying that grey has become a hugely popular colour for pretty much every room of the house in the past decade; however it wasn’t used in bathrooms too much until recently as many people tended to favour lighter shades. But we’ve seen a rapid rise in the amount of grey bathrooms appearing, and they do have a very stylish, sophisticated look about them.

If you’re planning a modern bathroom, we’d recommend using subtle hints of grey around the room such as border tiles or perhaps using grey mosaic tiles on a single wall. Using grey bathroom furniture to complement this would then add a reserved, minimalist look that is right on-trend.

For more traditional settings the use of grey metro tiles will be a winner, and if you want the ultimate centrepiece then painting your classic freestanding bath in a matching grey will certainly bring the wow factor to the room.

Time to get creative

Now it’s fair to say that upcycling has been growing in popularity for a while now, but in 2015 we have a feeling it’s going to take off in a big way. We’ve seen everything from people using old whiskey bottles as elaborate soap dispensers to basins being inserted into old beer barrels.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in taking your old items and turning them into something totally unique. It sounds a bit clichéd but literally the only limit here is your imagination. We’re looking forward to seeing what genius ideas you guys come up with!

It’s hip to be square

Here’s another trend that has been steadily growing in popularity. Replacing curved toilets, basins and taps for squared items gives bathrooms a more designer, contemporary appearance that looks fantastic in the right setting. We reckon square designs are going to be even more popular this year, with lots of you creating gorgeous, ultra-modern spaces at the moment.

Hanging around

Wall mounted bathroom furniture is brilliant for many reasons. It helps you tidy up all your unsightly clutter, saves space and also looks stunning. There are numerous types of units on the market so creating a stylish, coordinated look is easy. With the current trend for modern minimalism it definitely looks like it’ll be a big year for wall mounted vanity units and cabinets.

Let there be light…lots of it!

As we already mentioned in our previous blog, chandeliers will be the surprise bathroom trend of 2015. Regardless of the style you’ve gone for; these lights will certainly dazzle all who see them, giving rooms a beautiful, ornate focal point.

Our tip would be to choose something which matches the general feel of the room, so a modern black chandelier would look amazing in a sleek, monochrome environment, while a classic crystal example would suit period bathrooms.

So there you have it; the inside scoop on what’s going to be hot this year. We’re excited to hear about all your renovation ideas, so if you’re planning a bathroom build feel free to get in touch and send us some snaps of the finished article; you never know, your bathroom could feature in a future blog…

Rob, Victorian Plumbing