Planning a bathroom is such an exciting (and sometimes stressful) time. It's all about discovering the bathroom decor ideas that show off your individual style and personality; creating something unique, a place of sanctuary and comfort.

We believe bathroom decorating ideas should be both stylish and functional while at the same time also achievable and affordable. Choosing bathroom decor that matches together into a consistent theme is a great way to give your new room a coordinated and harmonised appearance. Another important point to bear in mind is that your new bathroom matches the style and period of your home.

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or considering an update of your existing bathroom, the team here at Victorian Plumbing have compiled an expert list of bathroom decor ideas. We give you the lowdown on some of the most popular bathroom decorating ideas in the industry right now and also point you in the right direction with regards to achieving that particular idea or style.

1. Statement Floor

A statement floor is a really achievable bathroom decor idea. One idea might be to couple light grey bathroom wall tiles with these Vibe light blue and grey patterned bathroom floor tiles.
Vibe Light Blue Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles
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A fantastic way of adding an instant feature to your bathroom design is to install a statement floor. This stunning design feature works best when you use a plain tile or paint on the walls of your bathroom which then sets the perfect backdrop for statement bathroom floor tiles. Popular tile choices for a statement floor include patterned ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wood effect tiles (i.e. tile that looks like wood).

2. Wall Hung Bathroom Fixtures

Wall hung bathroom furniture is fantastic at opening up the footprint in your bathroom. Our Brooklyn collection has an extensive collection of wall hung fixtures available in grey, light and dark oak, as well as both black and white.
Brooklyn Light Oak Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture
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Have you considered using fixtures in your new bathroom that hang off the wall rather than sit on the floor? Wall hung, or wall mounted, fixtures can work in either modern or traditional settings and what really makes them special is that they open up the floor of your bathroom. Opening up the floor of your bathroom can make the room appear bigger and it also makes cleaning your bathroom easier too. For a few ideas take a look at wall hung toilets, wall hung vanity units and bathroom wall cabinets. Another idea is bathroom heating. Wall mounted radiators can create a stylish focal point; and did you know that you can buy vertical radiators as well as standard horizontal styles.

3. Freestanding Bath

Bathroom decor ideas don't come much better than a beautiful freestanding bath. The stunning Valencia freestanding bath would work perfectly in any modern bathroom design.
Valencia Freestanding Bath
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Not every bathroom has the room for a freestanding bath however if room does permit then definitely consider one for your renovation. As well as the stunning clawfoot freestanding bathtubs you may have seen in traditional bathrooms, there are also other freestanding bath options that could work in your home. Corner freestanding baths could be a compact solution if space is tight or another option is a back-to-wall freestanding bath that can be used together with a wall mounted bath tap.

4. Metro Tiles

Searching for grey bathroom wall ideas? Look no further than these understated light grey metro tiles.
Light Grey Metro Tiles
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Metro tiles have by far and away been the most popular style of bathroom tiles over the last 5 years. These universal rectangular shaped tiles are now available in a multitude of colours and also larger and smaller sizes. A nice bathroom wall decor idea is to use more than one colour of metro tile in your bathroom or maybe even consider tiling your metro tiles in an unusual pattern, like a herringbone pattern for example.

5. Handle-Less Furniture

An idea that's very much on-trend right now is handle-less bathroom furniture. Our Urban handle-less furniture collection available in grey, would certainly complement any contemporary setting.
Urban Grey Avola Handle-Less Bathroom Furniture
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If you're planning a modern bathroom design then why not take a look at handle-less bathroom furniture. Handle-less furniture has the handle built into the door of the cabinet so giving the appearance of no protruding handles. These sleek, minimalist designs look fantastic in modern bathrooms. Another added bonus is if your bathroom is a little on the cosy side, you won't have to worry as much about catching yourself on exposed handles (this is great news for small children too!)

6. High Level Toilets

The key to decorating a traditional bathroom is choosing authentic period fixtures. High level toilets with their beautiful ornate brackets are one such fixture.
Old London Richmond High Level Traditional Toilet
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This is a really nice bathroom decorating idea if you're in the midst of planning a traditionally inspired bathroom. High level toilets are those period toilet designs that have the cistern situated above the pan and attached to the wall using beautiful ornate brackets. High level toilets are a great way to add to the authenticity of your traditional bathroom design and they also create an instant stand out feature.

7. Walk-In Shower

Looking for bathroom decor ideas that can make an instant statement in your new bathroom? A walk-in shower enclosure is an affordable way to add a little luxury to your new room.
Saturn Walk-In Shower Enclosure
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Walk-in showers are one of those luxury bathroom ideas that are becoming more affordable to more people. These days you don't have to install a complete wet room to get the walk-in shower experience, now you have the option of installing a walk-in shower enclosure instead. Installation of a walk-in enclosure is far cheaper than installing a wet room and there really are some stylish options on the market too.

8. Waterfall Taps

A great bathroom tap idea for a contemporary bathroom is waterfall-effect taps. The Luna waterfall bath tap shown here is one of our most popular designs.
Luna Waterfall Bath Tap
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The taps you choose for your new room can have an impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. One style of tap that has proven to be really popular is waterfall taps. These stylish faucets have an open spout that mimics a waterfall effect: you can see the water cascade into the basin or bath like a waterfall. This style of bathroom tap is especially popular with modern bathroom designs because the minimalist look and simple design complements other modern bathroom fixtures.

9. Rose Gold

An alternative to chrome finishes in your bathroom is to use copper or rose gold instead. The Hemsby range by manufacturer Heritage include both bath and basin taps as well as a freestanding tap and even a rose gold shower.
Heritage Hemsby Rose Gold 3 Hole Basin Mixer Taps
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The popularity of rose gold and copper fixtures and accessories has exploded this year. Rose gold and copper offer a refreshing change from chrome so adding this colour to your bathroom design will certainly help to make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re planning on adding this exclusive colour to your bathroom design then a great place to start looking is copper taps, a copper radiator or even a rose gold shower.

10. Digital Showers

Digital showers are a great way to future proof your bathroom. These smart showers are available in a multitude of attractive colours and designs.
Mira Platinum Digital Shower
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If you're the sort of person that likes their technology then we're sure you'll like the idea of a digital shower. These innovative new showers actually use a digital control / thermostat to control the function of your shower. Digital showers can be programmed to set an exact water temperature and they can be also set to come on a few minutes before you get in the shower so it's at optimal temperature the second you step in. Another function is that digital showers can remember your personal preferences (and the preferences of the rest of your family) and recall them each and every time you get in the shower.

11. Shower Wall Panels

Rather than tiling or painting your bathroom walls why not use a shower wall panel instead. These easy-to-install waterproof panels are available in lots of different colours and textures.
Aqua Ice Shower Wall Panel
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An alternative to tiling: shower wall panels sit on the walls around the shower in your bathroom. These waterproof fixtures are available in lots of different styles and textures so you’re sure to find a type that fits in with your bathroom decor theme. Another bathroom idea is to also use ceiling panels which are essentially shower wall panels for your ceiling.

12. Vertical Radiator

The Urban vertical radiator is finished in polished chrome and comes in 3 different sizes variants. This affordable bathroom decor idea could work in any bathroom design.
Urban Vertical Designer Radiator
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The radiator you choose for your bathroom is no longer an afterthought. Bathroom radiators are now designed to match the rest of your bathroom decor and they are available in lots of different materials and colours. One style of radiator that's worth considering is a vertical radiator. These space saving designs go up your wall rather than along it and you'll be glad to hear there are some really impressive designs out there that don't cost the earth.

13. Bathroom Chandelier

Installing a bathroom chandelier is a sure-fire way of creating an unforgettable statement in your bathroom. Bathroom decorating ideas don't come much better than this beautiful example by bathroom lighting manufacturer Forum Lighting Solutions.
Vela 3 Light Bathroom Chandelier
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This is quite a niche bathroom decor idea but what about the idea of a bathroom chandelier? These truly majestic bathroom lighting ideas can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom design. Now you may be thinking you have to pay a king's ransom to get your hands on a bathroom chandelier however the reality is they’re affordable on most budgets.

14. Hexagon Tiles

If you want to add a unique feature to your bathroom design then a fantastic bathroom decorating idea is to use hexagon shaped bathroom tiles.
Vista Dark Grey Hexagon Wall and Floor Tiles
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Bathroom decor ideas don't come much more on-trend than hexagon bathroom tiles. These ceramic wall and floor tiles can really add an edgy element to your bathroom design, especially when used for your bathroom floor or as a single feature wall. A range that has proven popular with customers here at Victorian Plumbing is the Vista collection of Hexagon bathroom tiles.

15. Aquas Shower

The Swiss made Aquas shower uses forced air mixed with spray to create a whole new showering experience.
Aquas AquaMax X-Jet 9.5KW Black Electric Shower
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Last but not least we wanted to bring your attention to a new type of shower by Swiss manufacturer Aquas. This unique shower design uses forced air to mix with the shower spray to make a completely new showering experience. The mix of air and spray creates a concentrated water flow that results in more water coverage of your body during showering. These stylish Aquas electric showers are currently available in chrome, black or white finishes.

We really hope you have picked up some great bathroom decor ideas for your bathroom. As well as the Victorian Plumbing bathroom blog another great place to pick some bathroom inspiration is the Victorian Plumbing Instagram page.