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Bathroom Ceiling Panels

Bathroom Ceiling Panels

Add both style and practicality to your bathroom with Ceiling Panels.

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Shower Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels

Upgrade the look of your bathroom with our range of Shower Wall Panels.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Strong, durable and waterproof, browse our full range of Vinyl Flooring.

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Wall Panel Accessories

Wall Panel Accessories

From sealant to cleaner, browse our range of wall panel accessories.

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Buying Guide

Bathroom wall panels are a great way to make your bathroom stand out, providing a waterproof, easy to maintain and cost-effective solution to improving your décor. Wet wall panels are also a great alternative to more traditional tiles. With an extensive range of colours and finishes to choose from, what considerations do you need to make when deciding on bathroom panels?


Are bathroom wall panels waterproof?

The short answer is yes. Bathroom panels are both durable and completely waterproof. Unlike tiles, there's also no grout involved so bathroom wall panels don't start to look shabby as long as you maintain them with a quick wipe down after use.

What are bathroom panels made of?

When it comes to material, there are three main choices: PVC, acrylic or laminated vinyl MDF. PVC is usually cheaper and has a flexibility to it which makes it easy to fit. As with PVC, acrylic shower panels are durable but tend to be more expensive and often come in a bolder choice of colours. Laminate wall panels for bathrooms are thicker than other choices but, due to this, tend to command a more premium price tag.

Aside from material, bathroom panels also come in a variety of different colours and finishes. Plain wet wall panels can be found in colours like white and black or much bolder options. Tile effect bathroom wall panels are a popular option, mimicking the look of tiles but with a contemporary spin and without the associated problems that come with maintaining them. For a more decorative choice, wood effect bathroom wall panels can give your room a rustic feel with their realistic wood grain and knot effects. For an even more luxurious finish, you can choose marble effect shower panels.

How do you install bathroom wall panels?

Bathroom panels are generally easier to install than tiles. This is because they are more forgiving over uneven surfaces and can even be installed over existing tiles - this means that you don't run the risk of breaking tiles or removing plaster when preparing your space. In terms of installing your new panels, it's a case of accurately measuring the area which they will cover, preparing the walls, fixing any trims and mounting the bathroom panels using adhesive.

How long do they last?

As bathroom wall panels are durable and resistant to moisture, they often last longer than tiles. This is particularly the case for high quality options, like high pressure, laminated vinyl MDF panels. Choosing a high quality product means that they will be easier to clean and less likely to allow leaks that could cause any plaster underneath to become wet.