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Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Keep your bathroom neat with a Towel Rail. Browse our extensive range.

from £19.95
Towel Rings

Towel Rings

Keep towels off the floor and clean with a contemporary Towel Ring.

from £14.95
Towel Stackers

Towel Stackers

Increasing in popularity, browse our range of trendy Towel Stackers.

from £49.05
Ladder Towel Radiators

Ladder Towel Radiators

Add a designer touch to your bathroom with a Ladder Towel Radiator.

from £49.95

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Buying Guide


Air dry your hand, face and bath towels in no time with a towel rail. Towel racks, rings and rails are perfect for efficiency drying towels after use in your bathroom. With the many styles available to choose from in our extensive range, read our FAQs to narrow down your search.

What type of towel rail is best?

When it comes to bathroom accessories, there are so many ranges and styles that will reaffirm your bathroom design concept. As a must have item for most bathrooms, towel racks and rails can appear in many different styles and forms. If you're unsure where to start, we advise you to choose your towel rail based on the décor of your bathroom. Try to match the towel rail in the same style as your other bathroom accessories.

What is better, towel rails or towel rings?

Traditionally towel rings are used for hanging hand towels next to the sink, however this is not a rule. Towel rails have been known to be installed in the bedroom as well as the bathroom. There are a variety of single, double and triple rails available for bigger families or for the use of guests. The overall aim of the design of a rail or a ring is to neatly store your towel for use, as long as your accessory achieves this aim, it's the right pick!  

Which design will help my towels dry faster?

For a more modern design and experience, opt for a heated towel rail for those chilly winter early starts. Not only will a heated towel rail provide you with a warm fluffy towel on a cold morning, but it will also help your towel dry faster once you've finished using it.

Heated towel rails, also sometimes known as ladder radiators, provide you the luxury of heating your bathroom and drying your towels at the same time. Explore a huge range of curved and straight heated towel rails at Victorian Plumbing. Our range includes 12 style choices to match your bathroom décor including chrome, gold, copper, anthracite and rose gold. Find out more about buying heated towel rails in our ladder radiators buying guide.