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219 results

BC Designs Bampton Double Ended Freestanding Bath...

Finance from £62.09/month
Due 09/09/22
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Brooklyn Grey Avola Double Ended Bath

Finance from £7.78/month
In Stock
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Heritage Buckingham Roll Top Cast Iron Bath...

Finance from £52.73/month
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Old London Kenton 1690 x 745 'D' Shaped Back...

Finance from £22.60/month
In Stock

Clearwater - Boat 1800 x 885 Traditional...

Finance from £34.13/month

Clearwater - Lacrima Natural Stone Bath Hand...

Finance from £47.71/month
More Sizes

Villeroy and Boch Theano Double Ended Freestanding...

Finance from £65.29/month

Villeroy and Boch Oberon 1900 x 900mm Double Ended...

Finance from £30.03/month

Clearwater Vicenza Natural Stone Hand Polished White...

Finance from £42.69/month

Crosswater Artist Grande Back To Wall Bath (1690 x...

Finance from £54.24/month

Crosswater Arena Freestanding Bath (1780 x 810mm)

Finance from £23.87/month

Crosswater Serene Back To Wall Bath (1700 x 750mm)

Finance from £24.41/month
More Sizes

Crosswater Kai X Double Ended Bath

Finance from £10.85/month
In Stock

Duravit DuraStyle 1800 x 800mm Double Ended Bath +...

Finance from £16.93/month

BC Designs Bampton Double Ended Freestanding Bath...

Finance from £62.09/month

BC Designs 1500mm Copper / Nickel Double Ended...

Finance from £77.97/month
Due 01/11/22

BC Designs Casini Double Ended Freestanding Bath...

Finance from £69.31/month

BC Designs Kurv Freestanding Modern Bath 1890 x...

Finance from £72.20/month

RAK Cloud Matt White Freestanding Bath (1400 x...

Finance from £71.83/month
Due 02/09/22

Keswick White 1700 x 700 Double Ended Bath inc....

Finance from £8.03/month
Due 25/08/22
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Buying Guide


When considering what bath to choose, the options can be overwhelming. Not only are baths often the focal point for any bathroom, but they provide an important function in the home, and their features should meet your practical requirements.

Double ended baths are for those who want that additional bit of luxury added to their bathing experience. With elegant design features and greater space, double ended baths will provide you with maximum levels of comfort.

What is a double ended bath?

Unlike a single ended bath, double ended baths have the waste, overflow, and taps located at the mid point of the bath. The taps and overflow can appear on the side of the bath itself, or on the wall adjacent to it. This allows double ended baths to be sloped at both ends, rather than just one.

Typically double ended baths come in the form of a freestanding bath. However, you can get double ended back to wall baths, as well as double ended jacuzzi baths.

Bateau baths are a particularly popular variation of the double ended bath. Defined by their elegant slopes and their positioning directly on the floor without supporting legs, these striking double ended baths are the height of luxury.

What are the benefits of having a double ended bath?

By having the taps and waste located in the centre of your bath, this opens up some great stylistic opportunities for a bathroom. Double ended freestanding baths become the centrepiece of a bathroom, and can set the aesthetic standard for your decor.

As double ended baths are sloped at either end, this also provides you with more space when bathing. So, if you’re looking for maximum comfort, a double ended bath would be a wise choice.

The increased space makes them great baths for taller people. By having sloped sides at either end of the bath, double ended baths also provide you with the choice of which end to lay at. This also means that two people can be sat in the bath at the same time without being bothered by the placement of the taps and waste.

Can I have a shower as well as a double ended bath?

As the most common form for a double ended bath is as a freestanding bath, the possibility of having the usual shower bath combination is limited. With single ended baths, a shower valve can be easily added at the end with the taps and waste. The straight edge of the bath rather than a slope also resembles a shower enclosure style space for you to stand in. Whilst the positioning of the taps in the centre of the bath means that a typical shower bath isn’t possible, there is a way to incorporate a shower into your double ended bath.

Many freestanding taps, designed specifically for freestanding baths, have a shower handset option. This means that along with your typical bath taps, a small handheld shower is also available, making rinsing yourself and the bath easier.

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