WYB: Electric Showers Under £150

By Alan

24th May 2017

3 mins read

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This week's WYB feature takes a look at budget electric showers and what you can expect from £150. Can you buy electric showers under £150?

Electric Showers

WYB: Electric Showers Under £150

There’s nothing better than pressing a single button and having almost instant, temperature controlled water at your service. Have you ever had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to mix both hot and cold water taps to get the perfect temperature first thing in the morning or last thing at night? It can have you feeling like an 80’s Disc Jockey mixing records. It’ll therefore come as no surprise that electric showers are one of the most popular products in a modern bathroom.

In this week’s ‘What’s Your Budget’ feature we shower you with fantastic electric showers under £150. What’s your budget for an electric shower? Can you buy an electric shower for less than £150? WYB finds out!

What is an electric shower?

An electric shower is usually fixed to the wall and connects to both the mains electricity and plumbing. It is commonly found as a plastic box, containing the inner workings including a heating element, and a separate slider rail kit which holds the the shower head and is typically adjustable. The two items are connected via the shower hose which carries water from the box to the shower head.

Thermostatic controls (temperature controls) are found on the shower box, which allow you to choose your desired water temperature, along with a power button and other features which may vary between models. The shower head may also have functions too including massaging features and a variety of sprays.

Choosing an electric shower under £150

When you’re choosing an electric shower on a budget it’s important to look at the features which are most important to you. You may find that an all singing all dancing model might just creep over budget, but are you really going to use all those features?

Design can also affect price with some of the brushed steel designs like this Triton Aspirante costing considerably more than their white counterparts in general.

The final thing to mention is brand. Just like with anything really, brand names can have a big impact on cost so it’s worth considering a brand which offers the best value.

Are there electric showers within a £150 budget?

There’s loads of electric showers under £150 which means you’ll be able to really shop around when it comes to buying yours. To give you a head start (see what we did there) we’ve listed exceptional budget friendly electric showers for you to look at. We’ve considered price, style and functionality to give you the best electric showers to consider for less than £150. As always this list is in no particular order and please not that we've listed all the 8.5kW options here although there are many other kW ratings available. Let’s get started!

Bristan Bliss Electric Shower White

The Bristan Smile electric shower oozes both style and quality. Finished in a smooth white finish it features touch control and temperature control making it easy to use and a doddle to clean.

It comes in a range of kW power ratings including 8.5kW and 9.5kW and features an eco power setting, anti-scald protection and is easy to install making it hugely popular.

Why choose this electric shower? WYB says “Stylish and high quality build!”

AQUAS Fit Ergo Electric Shower

The sleek, black finish of the AQUAS Fit Ergo electric shower creates a sense of style and sophistication. It’s fresh, compact look is perfect for monochrome bathrooms or any modern setting.

Reduced to the max it comes with two power settings for summer and winter. The solid slidebar and multi-function shower head offer a great showering experience. It features useful functions including a 9.5kw setting for the cooler seasons, an eco 5kw setting for the warmer seasons.

Why choose this electric shower? WYB says “Unique style and excellent functionality!”

What will your electric shower budget do for you?

A budget electric shower for less than £150 would lead you to believe that you’re getting lower quality, less functionality and unknown brands, but this simply isn’t true. As we’ve shown in the examples above, you can get some excellent brands with exceptional performance without having to spend huge amounts of money.

This WYB article has chosen electric showers for your £150 budget but hasn’t factored in the cost of additional accessories. The good news is that electric showers usually come complete and don’t require anything else for them to work as intended. 

We hope you enjoyed this week’s WYB feature and find it useful when you’re looking for an electric shower on a budget.



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