Which Shower Enclosure to Buy

By Greg

10th May 2013

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Can't decide which shower enclosure you want? We give you a rundown of the different types we have available and the range of features in each. Using this article you can make an informed decision for you and your family.


Wondering which shower enclosure to buy?

The first thing to consider when adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom is space. The amount of space you have available to you determines which shower enclosure you will need and only then can you begin to choose from a wide selection of styles. Shower enclosures come in all sizes to suit both large and small spaces. If your bathroom doesn’t have the luxury of space there are still many options available to you with enclosures starting from 760mm all the way up to 1700mm which would be ideal for replacing an old bath fixture. Another option for space saving is to choose doors that do not open out in to the room like corner entry, bi-fold or sliding doors, therefore not needing the extra space.

When measuring your bathroom to fit a shower enclosure it is important to bear in mind that you will want it to feel spacious inside and out. So, remember to include enough space inside the shower for washing and outside the shower for drying and other general bathroom functionalities. You must also take into account the current position of the plumbing, if you are simply replacing an old shower enclosure it is a fairly easy process, but moving it to a completely different area of the bathroom will require the assistance of an experienced plumber. This may also mean that it would be a much more costly than previously anticipated.


Shower enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, so you will need to identify the different shapes of shower enclosures and trays to be able to correctly install one in your bathroom. The positioning is extremely important when choosing the ideal shape for a perfect fit as it can potentially make your bathroom more spacious. The different shapes are as follows;

QuadrantQuadrant Shower Enclosures are able to fit into a corner and have curved glass sliding door at the front which meets either wall.

Offset: An offset shower enclosure is not unlike quadrant enclosures and offers an extended section giving you much more space inside for washing making it perfect for bigger bathrooms.

Pentagon: A pentagon shower enclosure is comprised of five sides and fits into corner leaving three sides to the front, most commonly with two side panels and a door in the middle. This is ideal for saving space.

Square: A square shower enclosure is what it says on the tin fitting into a square area usually made up of a door and a minimum of one side panel.

Rectangle: A rectangle shower enclosure is very similar to a square enclosure, only offering more space inside the shower.

Doors and Screens

Pivot Door: A pivot door is fixed to a hinge on one side of the enclosure and (most commonly) opens outwards into the bathroom. It is a popular choice as it is just like any other door in your house.

Bi-fold Door: A bi-fold door is ideal for saving space in a smaller bathroom. It is made of two pieces which fold together whilst sliding to the side offering easy access in and out of the shower.

Sliding Door: A sliding door would be ideal for use on a larger sized door as it wouldn’t need the same amount of space for the door to open as a pivot door. It works by gliding on rollers to one side to slot in behind or in front of a side panel.

Corner Entry Door: A corner entry shower door incorporates a sliding door with a shower enclosure that is located in the corner of the bathroom. Making the most of the space available, each of the front sides is half of a panel and half of a door.

Wetroom Screen: A wetroom screen is essentially a large pane of glass that creates a space for showering and prevents the entire bathroom from getting covered in water.

Bath Screen: A bath screen attaches to a bath with a shower feature creating a practical and durable solution to using a shower curtain. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Important Note; All shower enclosures should use safety glass as it is required by law. Safety glass is tougher than normal glass to prevent breaking but is also less of a threat when broken.

Given the wide variety of options available, you won’t be stuck for choice when deciding which shower enclosure to buy. Whether you want to achieve a traditional or contemporary style, a shower can make your bathroom feel like paradise and give you everything you need to start your day right. If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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