What Makes an AQUAS Shower Special?

By George

8th Apr 2019

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With our extensive range of over 30 shower brands, you may be finding it tricky to pick one that stands out. With AQUAS, you don't need to sacrifice functionality.

two AQUAS AquaMax shower heads

That’s where AQUAS step in with some of the best electric showers of 2018. Designed in Switzerland, AQUAS combine stunning contemporary style with cutting-edge tech to create truly unique shower experiences. In this blog post, we hope to shed a bit more light on what makes an AQUAS shower special; helping you decide whether their systems are right for you.


AQUAS’ majestic showers feature modern, minimalist design language that remains consistent throughout the range. AQUAS shower heating units are sleek, slimline all-metal boxes that look a far cry from those unsightly and dated white plastic showers.

All units feature simple to use control dials for power and temperature, with the higher spec options having a separate dial for power. Their overhead showers come in two designs; one an effortlessly classy rainfall shower head, the other, a futuristic “X-Jet” head (more on those later). Both feature an extra long reach, protruding by over 400mm, ensuring full body coverage.

Top of the range models feature a handset in addition to the shower head. These handsets seamlessly integrate with the shower heads and really add an extra dimension to the experience. Thankfully, they’re also built to suit any modern bathroom. The entire AQUAS range is available in three of the most popular finishes; chrome, matte black, and gloss white.


I know what you’re thinking. Surely it’s style over substance, right? Think again. To match their excellent design, products in this range are feature filled and packed with innovative technology. Today we're going to go into detail on two of their most cutting-edge offerings; the AquaMax collection of showers and the X-Jet series of shower heads.

The AquaMax series of showers are designed to maximise shower comfort even when water volumes are low. These units include ‘Smart 200’ overhead showers that utilise easy-clean technology to protect against nasty limescale build-ups. For the environmentally conscious, the AquaMax also features an ECO button that cuts power consumption down to 5.5kWh while still providing a luxury shower experience. In addition to this, the AquaMax also sports and auto temperature detection system; a failsafe that will cut the shower off instantly to protect you from burns in the event of a sudden spike in water temperature.

AQUAS’ Swiss founder, Stefan Nikles, wanted to replicate the feeling of showering under a waterfall and so his team of talented engineers created the X-Jet shower head series. These radical new shower heads replicate the powerful yet gentle flow of the waterfall, giving an unprecedented shower experience. This is achieved by combining the powerful shower with a jet of air. Internally, the ring shaped shower head blasts water at precise angles, criss-crossing the streams.

As these streams cascade out of the unit, a large volume of air is pulled through the inner circle, combining with the water to create a unique sensation. The effect manages to be thrilling and soothing at once, giving 360° body coverage. On top of this, the X-Jet series is compatible with all AquaMax showers, allowing you to employ same stellar safety and eco features.

Build Quality

Designed in Basel. Crafted in Bangkok. All AQUAS electric showers exhibit high grade builds, using only the finest materials. With over 25 years experience in the industry, the company continues to put an emphasis on this quality by crafting all of the key components of their showers in house. So say goodbye to creaky casing and heavily limescaled shower heads!

Encased in sturdy brushed chrome and equipped with smooth, twistfree hoses, AQUAS showers feel a cut above others in their price range. All AQUAS shower tanks are fiber reinforced making them far less prone to limescale build-ups and leaks while also increasing their energy efficiency.

Even their temperature controls offer perfect resistance, allowing you to glide through the settings with ease. Every single component feels substantial and built to last. Unconvinced? To sweeten the deal they’re also guaranteed for two years, providing that extra peace of mind.

Impressed with your introduction to AQUAS showers? Check out their entire range here. Fancy something different? We stock hundreds of showers from over 30 different manufacturers here. For more insightful bathroom ideas take a look at our helpful bathroom inspiration Blog.



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