What is a Grohe QuickFix Faucet?

By Trinity

1st Jan 2018

4 mins read

DIY & Technical

If the world of DIY seems daunting but you’re interested in updating your kitchen or bathroom tap, Grohe’s QuickFix range might be the solution you’re looking for.

Grohe QuickFix Kitchen Tap Chrome

QuickFix is Grohe’s easy installation faucet range. Grohe created the QuickFix range to make life easier for DIY-ers seeking to take on home renovation projects. Essentially, when you purchase a Grohe QuickFix faucet, it comes with a specialised installation kit and the tap itself comes with all the parts necessary to get it fitted into your bathroom or kitchen.


Quick and hassle free

Grohe QuickFix makes the installation of taps easier for those tackling home makeovers, without the help of a professional, by providing everything the user needs in one box.


Here’s what comes in the QuickFix installation kit:

  • QuickTool - the QuickTool is an innovative piece of equipment that functions as a 3-in-1 tool. The Quick tool functions as a 13mm socket wrench, a 19mm Spanner and a 22mm spanner.
  • QuickGuide - This is Grohe’s simple step-by-step manual instructions guide.
  • QuickVideo - by scanning the QR code on the QuickGuide, you can access an instruction video on the installation process specific to the product you’ve purchased.

{Video Here}

Bathroom & kitchen

Grohe’s QuickFix range provides both bathrooms and kitchen products that are easy to install. Outside of the helpful guides and tools, the way in which your faucet arrives is also designed to make installation easier. Their taps’ flexible hoses come with integrated screw connections, meaning that instead of you having to fiddle around with screw nuts, they’re already attached. All you have to do is twist them once connected to your water valves!

In terms of kitchen DIY projects, QuickFix has an easily installed line of kitchen taps. A great example is the Grohe QuickFix Start Edge Single Lever Kitchen Sink Mixer. This kitchen tap features a 360° swivel spout for greater control of the direction of your water. And ofcourse, comes complete with Grohe’s QuickFix installation kit.

The Grohe QuickFix Start SilkMove Mono Basin Mixer is an ideal and easy update for people looking to upgrade their bathroom sink tap. This QuickFix tap comes complete with all the elements necessary for installation, as well as a matching push-open waste plug. Not to mention its sleek design!

Fitting a Grohe QuickFix Faucet


Tools needed:

  • Grohe QuickTool
  • Small Screwdriver

Step One: Isolate your water supply by locating your water valve and turning it off.

Step Two: Open your Grohe QuickFix kit and locate the QuickTool, QuickGuide, and watch the QuickVideo to help get you up to speed on the installation process.

Step Three: Take the black water seal and slide both flexible tap hoses all the way through the seal. This will prevent water from escaping. Make sure that the collar of the seal is facing downwards, away from the faucet.

Step Four: Take your tap hoses and slide them through the designated tap hole in your sink. Make sure that the bottom of your faucet is sitting on the rim of the tap hole.

Step Five: Take the counter screw and place it in the rubber mould provided. Slide it over the fastening bolt which is located under the basin of your sink. Then screw the nut over the top of this with your hands before tightening it fully with the QuickFix tool. This will keep your tap secure.

Step Six: Attach the flexible connection hoses to the angular valves in your wall below the sink. Attach the right hand hose to the right hand valve (this is for cold water). Next attach the left hand hose to the left hand valve (this is for hot water). You should be able to screw these mostly with your hands before tightening them with the QuickTool.

Step Seven: All that’s left to do is install your basin waste before reconnecting your water supply by turning the isolation valve. And that’s it, you’re done! Grohe QuickFix ensures an easy and quick installation process without any of the hassle.

So, if giving the DIY process a go seems infinitely more appealing now you know how simple it can be with QuickFix, feel free to have a look at the Grohe and explore the QuickFix range yourself.



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