Our aim, at Victorian Plumbing, is to make your shopping experience with us the easiest and most enjoyable possible. That is why we are constantly looking for new ways to show you our huge line of products, including the recent release of our very first catalogue. So, it was great for us to learn that the popular magazine ‘Your Home’ wanted to feature some of our products in their up and coming edition. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to see our products in a different environment, with some outsider’s advice and get a real feel for what we have to offer at Victorian Plumbing.

Your Home magazine is a great magazine for people simply looking for some advice, inspiration and maybe even to keep up to date with new trends and styles. So, it was fantastic that we were able to feature, not one, not two, not even three, but four of our products. It is a clear testament to how much we have grown as a company and that we understand what it is that our customers want, both in product and price. We hope that these features will give people a clearer idea of what we have to offer and that we understand their needs and desires.

They were writing a piece on adding colour to the bathroom, in order to make it a unique space in your bathroom. This is a great piece to be involved with as it takes a leap into newer ways of going about bathroom renovation. Recent trends would suggest more neutral tones of black, grey, beige etc. for the bathroom and a general theme throughout, but with a bit of colour you can bring your bathroom to life and give yourself an invigorating shower or bathing experience.

Thanks to our huge range, we have what it takes to turn any bathroom into a space that is just for you. We supplied them with a range of products, from a vibrant back to wall toilet, to a colourful patterned shower curtain. One of our favourites was the designer bathroom radiator from Hudson Reed, in a bright and powerful red to add a burst of life to any bathroom, but also deliver the ideal solution to heating both large and small spaces. Making an impact in the bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to make an impact in the bank account however. The Kleine Wolke Primavera shower curtain can add a completely new look to your bathroom, with its bold colour and stunning motif, without building a huge budget.

The article allowed us to show you that we offer everything from top of the line bathroom furniture to cheap & cheerful bathroom accessories. It also builds our reputation and brand image within the bathroom industry, being recommended by a magazine with a reputation for giving great advice and tips.