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7th Dec 2022

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The New York Times recently stated that ‘Dinner parties with nightmare guests can make for delicious art’; however, at some point, at least one of us will be a guest at someone else’s house over the festive period, so here is how to be the perfect guest this Christmas. You’ll even impress the mother-in-law!

guest rules at Christmas

Our quick-fire tips that will ensure you make it back next year are: 

  • Always offer to help tidy up when the host starts 
  • Don’t help yourself to the posh soaps and towels unless you know you can 
  • Always put the toilet seat down and replace an empty toilet roll 
  • Don’t ask for the Wifi as soon as your walk through the door 
  • Don’t change the channel to what you want to watch without asking
  • Don’t critique what ‘you would have done’ 
  • Don’t interfere with the cooking

And now for the real deal:

1. This is not a hotel

Just because you’re a guest, it does not mean your get to always use what you want, with over half of Brits admitting they take the post shampoos and toiletries from hotels, don’t start to think the same applies to the host’s house this Christmas. Bring your own or simply accept that they might not want you using the good stuff, and if they do let you, then leave it where you find it.

2. No one likes a last-minute fussy eater

Yes, Sally, we’re talking about your vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, cooked for two hours turkey alternative that you only decided you wanted on Christmas Eve. With over a third of Brits saying they would happily eat a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner, we’re in a time of trying new things, but piling on last-minute dietary requirements that you’ve never spoken about before is the worst for hosts. If alternatives are needed, be sure to let the host know in plenty of time, and if need be, maybe bringing your own is the safest option and if not, then keep it to January.

3. Don’t take board games too seriously

With over a quarter of Brits admitting that Snakes and Ladders was the game most likely to cause arguments this Christmas*, a quick reminder that whilst it’s great to follow the rules, remember it’s just a game. Be sure not to be the board game police this festive period and spoil the fun by taking any game too seriously; you can let your winning streak go for one night because if not at Christmas, when?

4. Be sure to read the room

A recent debate on Mums Net made for some very British news when the shoe-on-or-off conversation was circling online. So with it still up for debate, take note of what you see around you. Shoe racks and coat hooks are clear indicators of where those items go. Don’t be put off making yourself at home (to a certain extent), and only ask if you have no clue where to put something.

5. No Snooping

As a generation raised on ‘Come Dine with Me’ it’s no surprise we like to snoop when visiting a friend’s home, and according to a recent survey, Londoners are the most likely to, with almost half confessing to a secret snoop around, compared to the national average of 34%. But try to avoid a riffle through the draws because if the host finds even a pair of socks out of place, their paranoia could last until Easter - and we all know if the host thinks you snoop, it may lead to being left off the guest list in future.

6. No unannounced additions

An average of 41 hours per festive season will be spent on "unexpected" challenges, such as failed cookers and hosting for last-minute guests. There's nothing worse for a host than an unexpected arrival, and we’re not talking about a Christmas miracle baby, but your friend Phil. Always be sure to prewarn the host if any unexpected additions might be arriving with you, as the odd chair and a smaller portion of stuffing aren’t what anyone wants.

No one likes a wannabe Influencer

Nearly 90% of people believe it’s rude to go on your phone when at a family dinner, so it’s simple, really. Be sure to enjoy the moment and not worry about posting the meal to your socials. Enjoy the moment and worry about the hashtags later because Christmas is most definitely about more than the like on your photo.

And if we’ve reached any first-time hosts who might be worried about being less than perfect themselves, there is still time to make your home as welcoming as it can be this Christmas. As the bathroom is wildly considered the room where you start and finish your day, making it perfect for guests is essential. (Even for the guests from hell.) Victorian Plumbing has a wide range of perfect accessories to add style and hostability (yes, it’s a word) to one of the most used rooms in the house. They also have the perfect storage for hiding the posh soap away. 

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