We recently received some rather lovely parcels here at the Victorian Plumbing office, containing a bunch of nice gifts including champagne and cupcakes. Why exactly did we receive this I hear you asking? Well we were selected for a new customer achievement programme from TrustPilot, which aims to highlight the 4 highest rated companies each month.

Excellent TrustScore

The programme, called ‘High Flyers’ has been created to reward businesses with fantastic customer feedback. In order to qualify companies must first have a TrustScore of at least 8.5 and have 1,500 reviews or more. Victorian Plumbing were one of the top 4 companies in the UK during November hence our awesome reward; as a result of this we also qualify for the Customer of the Month prize which pits us against the 3 other top rated companies.

Catherine Hankin, Customer Services Manager at Victorian Plumbing, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be named as one of TrustPilot’s High Flyers, it’s a real testament to the hard work and dedication from all the staff here at Victorian Plumbing. Our main goal is to create great customer stories, from ordering right through to aftercare, and this is reflected in our TrustPilot score and the number of really positive, in-depth reviews.”

Now here’s the fun part; in order to win the prestigious customer of the month title, what we were asked to do was submit a photo of some of our employees enjoying the gifts, which also included party hats and bunting. Our image then went up against those submitted from the other companies. The ultimate winner is chosen based on the number of likes it gets on TrustPilot’s Facebook page.

At the time of writing this blog the winner has yet to be decided (so wish us luck!) There are many benefits of winning Customer of the Month; we’d receive exclusive promotion through Twitter and newsletters and we’d also even get our own framed copy of the photo!

Giving customers the best possible experience

We’re very pleased with our gifts (the cupcakes were delicious!), and this recognition is a result of the continuous hard work and dedication shown by our customer services team and indeed all the other departments within Victorian Plumbing. We want our customers to have the most enjoyable and reliable experience possible when shopping online with us, and we strive to make sure that each part of the ordering process is as efficient as it can be.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing