Being on television programmes and in magazines is a fantastic achievement for anyone and is one to be proud of. So when we were approached by The Sunday Mirror to have some of our products featured inside, we were over the moon. It was a great opportunity for us to reach you, our beloved customers, and really show you what we have to offer. We know you don’t want to spend all of your time in front of the computer, trolling through all of our products to find the perfect one and you don’t want to be shouted at by the relentless advertisements saying “we’re the cheapest” and “We’re the best because, well… We just are.” So it’s great to naturally speak to you and show our products in a natural setting without setting up a temporary bathroom in a studio, just to take it all apart again after the shoot.

They approached us just before Christmas for an article they were writing about renovating your bathroom. They asked us to supply them with a few pieces of bathroom furniture that could be used in an upcoming spread. Our job then, was to find the right style mixed with the right products to really take advantage of the opportunity given to us and help the home owner get the bathroom they really want. We felt that our Burlington range would suit this perfectly, as it is the image of traditional bathrooms and adds an element of style & tranquillity, which is a look that we all want to accomplish in our bathrooms.

Have a look at the article here and see what they did with it. We think that they’ve done a fantastic job on creating a beautiful and traditional bathroom, with our help of course. The Burlington Windsor bath forms the main feature of the room and gives it that simplistic elegant feel. They have used fairly neutral tones in regards to accessories and wall colour, which is done to give it a smaller bathroom a bigger feel. A common problem when adding accessories to a bathroom is accidently creating clutter by over doing it. A good rule to stick with, which they have also done, is to keep accessories to a minimum giving it a cleaner look and therefore more spacious. (If you want more tips on how to make a small bathroom look bigger, just check out our blog post in the ‘Bathroom Style Advice’ section.)

But, we’re not stopping there, as we are currently working with a couple of upcoming TV shows to expand our media coverage further. It’s a great place for you to see some of our range in a real bathroom environment and watch the very same process of transformation that you will go through with your bathroom renovation. Keep a look out for us and see what you can achieve in your homes with our products.

Burlington Windsor Bath with Chrome Leg Set

An elegant freestanding bath that inspires a traditional look in your bathroom to give it a touch of style and class.

Make a true statement in your bathroom and give it a feature on which to build a beautiful and unique space.

Burlington Claremont Bath Filler - Chrome

A Sleek and stylish design to give your bathroom a truly classic look. If luxury and Beauty is what you are looking for, you have found it.

No traditional bathroom is complete without this truly stunning addition.

Burlington Wye Shower Valve + Riser and Head Kit - Chrome

A classic piece of engineering that will complement any traditionally styled bathroom giving it a sense of majesty.

The Chrome plated brass metal makes it robust yet graceful meaning you don’t have to choose between style or function, as it offers both in equal abundance.

Burlington Shower Enclosure - Hinged Door

Beautifully crafted hinged shower door is manufactured and designed expertly by Burlington.

Blending a contemporary build with a traditional style in perfect harmony to give your bathroom that wow factor.