Skelmersdale, Here We Come!

By Rob

13th Nov 2013

3 mins read

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We're expanding! Come and take an exclusive look at our new premises.

Skelmersdale warehouse

Following a number of highly successful years, we are pleased to announce that Victorian Plumbing is expanding! We have recently acquired a second location in Skelmersdale, which reflects the strong performance of our rapidly growing company. The high demand for quality bathrooms means we need to adapt to our growing popularity within the sector. We have already created around 30 new jobs in Formby, and this latest expansion will further allow us to help customers more efficiently and provide a better service overall.

Our new 109,000 square foot warehouse reflects the growth of the company

The new property is an impressive, extensively refurbished 109,000 square foot warehouse located at Pimbo Point, which is situated on Potter Place, part of the Pimbo Industrial Estate. Positioned near the M58, Pimbo is one of the three main estates in the Skelmersdale area, and our new premises will be neighbouring big names such as PepsiCo, Matalan, and Proctor & Gamble.

Managing Director, Mark Radcliffe, said: “We’re really happy to announce Victorian Plumbing’s new operational centre in Skelmersdale. Our current Formby warehouse has served us well since 1999, but at this exciting and promising time for the business we have identified the need for a larger and more efficient distribution space.

As one of the country’s top online retailers of bathrooms, we focus on retailing quality bathroom fixtures and accessories from famous brands and also from our own ranges. We aim to maintain our fantastic level of customer service as well as fast, easy and efficient deliveries whilst the business emerges as a leading brand.”

Around 40 new jobs will be created by this development

The job positions that will be made available by the new premises include numerous warehouse staff roles and we will be recruiting new members to join our fantastic customer services team. People who live locally and have previous experience working in these fields may find this an interesting and exciting opportunity to become a key part of an increasingly successful company. Adding members to our customer services team will help us to assist large amounts of customers quickly and effectively, and housing more products in the warehouse will reduce waiting times for deliveries and keep our stock numbers in tip top shape.

Mark explained: “The new location will create approximately 40 new jobs for the local area over the next one to two years, with vacancies arising in both warehouse and customer services operations, and we look forward to welcoming new employees to the team here at Victorian Plumbing.”

We are very proud to be able to offer employment to the local community as we understand how important it is to create new jobs in the current financial climate.

The warehouse is going to become a new business centre for Victorian Plumbing, designed to run alongside our existing offices in Formby. The scale of expansion will hopefully enable us to build on our current success and be instrumental in helping increase the identity of the national brand.

A bright future for Victorian Plumbing and its customers

We are very excited to be able to further develop the brand of Victorian Plumbing, and the opening of our second property is testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff, who provide customers with the best possible service, making our company a brand you can trust. Our new building will make the bond between us and our customers even stronger. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future brings us!



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