Designing a bathroom requires paying attention to several key aspects in order to create an ideal setting. It needs to be stylish and great to look at, but also practical and with sufficient space to store all your everyday items. With this in mind, there is a particular product that combines all of these elements; the vanity unit.

A style to suit every taste

Vanity units come in many different guises, which will allow you to select the perfect choice for your particular bathroom. Whether you want a sleek, contemporary unit or a more classically influenced example there are a lot of options out there to pick from.

Modern units will normally feature either an inset or semi recessed basin and also use smooth, clean curves to create a fabulous, trendy look which will transform surroundings. Many of them feature subtle touches such as recessed handles for that designer image. They are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes which enables you to coordinate the item with the rest of the room and other chosen furniture.

Traditional vanity units are all about bringing that timeless period style into your home. Many are supplied in various wooden finishes for a solid, grand look that will go so well with the rest of your décor. Recessed designs give the cabinet element of the unit a more bespoke feel that will add a more genuine period touch to the setting. As with their modern counterparts, traditional units often feature an inset or semi recessed basin, keeping things practical.

There are many sizes and shapes you can go for, so a large or double vanity unit will provide excellent looks and fantastic storage facilities in large bathrooms, while a more compact version will keep space at a premium in small bathrooms or en-suites. Take a look at the amount of room you have to play with, and take some measurements prior to ordering anything to ensure you get an item that fits effortlessly.

A smart way to store bathroom necessities

The main appeal with vanity units is their ability to neatly organise all your daily bathroom items like shampoos, towels and hair care products into one area while keeping them out of view so the room avoids looking cluttered. Many of the units feature shelving arrangements inside them to keep everything tidy and exactly where you want it. This level of practicality makes them a great choice for busy bathrooms as it allows each person to have their own section to store items.

You need to also consider where the bathroom cupboards will be positioned, as there are both wall and floor mounted versions available. Floor mounted options are usually larger and can store more items, however wall mounted units take up much less space while retaining a good level of practicality.

Also don’t forget that adding a mixer tap will complete the overall look you wish to achieve. Crosshead style taps are ideal for period vanity units while sleek, square designed taps look brilliant when paired with contemporary products.

Our team has worked very hard to bring you a fine selection of vanity units, covering a wide range of sizes and styles so you can get just the product you’ve been looking for. Why not take a look at our range of vanity units.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing