Trend Watch: Colour Matching Bathrooms

By Edward

23rd Feb 2016

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Bathroom Ideas

How colour matched is your bathroom?

Trend Watch: Colour Matching Bathrooms
Trend Watch: Colour Matching Bathrooms

Find out how Victorian Plumbing customers are going into more and more detail to achieve the matched look and discover perfectly matched products available to buy now.

A brand new bathroom. The smell of fresh paint and tiles, the look of brand new bathroom units, an exquisitely clean toilet and shower: it's a great feeling!

It's a real pleasure showing off your new bathroom to anyone lucky enough to be invited to your home. You walk through your new bathroom pointing out the features and the ideas behind them. One feature you might not point out; however, is how well the colours used in your bathroom match and compliment each other.

Effective Colour Matching is the understated bathroom design feature

Previously, colour matching your bathroom meant making sure you didn't put a cream bath together with a red toilet seat. However, modern bathroom designs go into great detail to make sure all of the bathroom units, furniture and accessories coordinate to become a consistent theme.

The small details are important when it comes to colour matching your bathroom. Here at Victorian Plumbing we are beginning to see a trend of customers going into more and more detail when choosing the colours for their new bathroom.

Bathroom Colour Matching Ideas and Products

Of course the simplest way to achieve a colour matched bathroom is to buy a bathroom suite. Every component of the suite will naturally match up, from the bath to the toilet to the taps. A great traditional example is the Kensington Traditional Complete Roll Top Bathroom Package or the Pro 600 Complete Bathroom Suite Package is a fantastic modern option. Both feature a white and chrome colour combination.

Naturally, the other option is to hand pick individual bathroom products that you believe will give you the look you're after. Below we look at some creative colour matching product ideas you may have missed while browsing our website.

1. The Triton Aspirante Electric Shower (pictured)

Triton showers are known for their quality and their reliability: the new Aspirante electric shower range adds style to that list. The Triton Aspirante electric shower is available in gloss white, gloss black, riviera sand (cream), brushed steel and gun metal finishes.

These 6 finishes lend themselves perfectly to be put together with modern high gloss bathroom units. Either match colour for colour (shower the same colour as bathroom furniture) or use contrasting colours to make a chic modern statement.

2. The Britton Bathroom Range

What makes the Britton bathroom range unique is that it's available in 5 fantastic colours: anthracite grey, black, ocean (blue), reef (light pastel green) and white. Within each colour there is a great selection of bathroom cabinets, vanity units, toilets and mirrors.

This impressive colour and product selection gives you the perfect opportunity to design a colour matched bathroom suite mix that fits with your bathroom requirements.

3. The Bemis Model 5000AR Toilet Seat (pictured)

Oft overlooked as a colour match opportunity: the colour of your toilet seat can dramatically change your bathroom design. The Bemis Model 5000AR toilet seat is available to buy in no fewer than 11 colours, ranging from Whisper Grey to Indian Ivory.

4. Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles provide the canvas for your bathroom design. Why not try matching a particular part of your bathroom with your bathroom tiles? This design feature can be very effective if done in small amounts.

One bold bathroom design tip is to use two contrasting tile colours on adjacent walls. Each tile colour could then go on to colour match one small part of your bathroom?

Victorian Plumbing allow customers to order bathroom tile samples. Why not order a few samples and then see if they have colour matching potential? Click to browse our bathroom tiles range.

5. Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories help to accentuate your bathroom's style and add the finishing touch to your beautifully colour matched bathroom.

From toilet roll holders to shower curtains, from bathroom towels to lighting; always keep an eye out for a bathroom accessory that will add a colour matching detail to your bathroom design. Click to browse our bathroom accessories collection.

Edward, Victorian Plumbing

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