Traditional Washstands Perfect for a Traditional Bathroom

By Megan

12th Oct 2023

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A traditional washstand can make a huge statement in your bathroom. They are a timeless design that have been around for hundreds years and we love seeing a traditional style washstand in modern day bathrooms.

Traditional washstand with brown tiles

Traditional washstands are a must have in a traditional style bathroom. Adding a traditional washstand to your bathroom will instantly make your space look and feel more classy and luxurious.


Are Traditional Washstands Timeless?

A traditional washstand is one of the few bathroom designs that is never out of style. This is because the traditional washstand design has been around for hundreds of years. To be exact, washstands became popular in the 18th century, however back then it was often called a basin stand. In their heyday, a washstand was simply another piece of furniture, usually made from mahogany or oak, that would hold a wash bowl or jug for people to wash their hands and face.

These days, a traditional washstand looks a little different. Instead of being a solid piece of furniture, a washstand of today typically features a chrome frame that holds the basin in place against the wall. The washstand will also be accompanied by some traditional style taps to complete this timeless look. Adding a traditional washstand can really transform the look of your bathroom, and these are some of our favourites for a traditional style bathroom.


Keswick Traditional Basin & Chrome Wash Stand

The Keswick Traditional Basin & Chrome Wash Stand makes a great addition to period style bathrooms. The combination of chrome legs and a pure white basin make this washstand the perfect modern yet traditional washstand that will make a statement in your bathroom. 


Burlington Jet Black Edwardian Basin & Chrome Wash Stand

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your traditional style bathroom, the Burlington Jet Black Edwardian Cloakroom Basin & Chrome Wash Stand is a great choice. Opting for a black traditional style washstand will make your bathroom look more sophisticated and classy. This washstand also makes a great addition to edgy and traditional style bathrooms.


Arcade Basin and Ceramic Console Legs

If you are looking to add a traditional style washstand to a traditional or contemporary bathroom, the Arcade Basin and Ceramic Console Legs. This versatile washstand will add a touch of glam to almost any style of bathroom, making this traditional washstand a great choice for someone who enjoys switching up their interior design.


Heritage Abingdon Dorchester Basin & Washstand - Vintage Gold

Many traditional style washstands feature chrome legs. However, due to the increase in popularity in gold and brass accents in bathrooms, you may prefer a washstand with a gold frame, like the Heritage Abingdon Dorchester Basin & Washstand in Vintage Gold. 


Burlington Classic Basin with Brushed Aluminium Wash Stand

Incorporating brushed aluminium into your bathroom is a great way to achieve a vintage aesthetic in your bathroom. That makes the Burlington Classic Basin with Brushed Aluminium Wash Stand the perfect addition to vintage and traditional bathrooms. The elegant design of this high end washstand will transform your bathroom into a periodic haven.



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