Traditional Heating: Our Guide To Keeping Warm In Style

By Rob

29th Jan 2014

3 mins read

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We explain the benefits of incorporating traditional heating products into your bathroom.

traditional bathroom suite

How many times have you placed a towel over your heated rail without even looking at it? Ordinarily, radiators aren’t the most exciting of items, but they don’t have to be bland, they can add just as much style and class to your bathroom as any other fittings…

When it comes to heating your bathroom, you’re no doubt going to prioritise finding a product that is effective at keeping the room warm and your towels toasty. But does having a radiator that is excellent at warming a room mean you have to compromise on the general appearance of it? Of course not. Some of the most beautifully crafted products you can integrate into your bathroom are traditional radiators and heated towel rails. Here, we’re going to focus on items that we believe will truly enhance any period bathroom.

Why install traditional heating in your bathroom

Besides the obvious reason to install a radiator, traditional heating brings an element of timeless sophistication to your bathroom that will harmonise perfectly with any existing period fittings and décor. Traditional units come in various shapes and sizes, with options including stunning column designs and ornate, intricately sculpted items that will look stunning in any bathroom.

An added benefit of having traditional heating is that the products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and feature the very best in modern technology so you get reliable practicality to match the great looks.

If you happen to have a larger bathroom, it may be worth considering purchasing a heated towel rail to co-inside with your choice of radiator. Many traditional heated towel rails feature designs that match period radiators, with black or white columns proving to be popular styles. Adding vintage radiators to your bathroom will give off an air of sophistication that will transform the surroundings in a subtle yet effective way.

What style will suit me best?

There are various design styles that are commonly found within the traditional theme when it comes to heating. There are conventionally subtle column offerings, which have a universal appeal in that they will look fantastic in any bathroom. Then there are portrait radiators, which have a more commanding presence due to their unfamiliarity within everyday bathrooms. These designs are recent trends that are also in keeping with the image of previous eras.

Finally, there are more ornate, Victorian style radiators. These stunning, engraved items are beautifully sculpted and are great for adding a bespoke, period-correct feel. They are timeless in their appeal and will become a showpiece in their own right when incorporated into any traditional bathroom.

Once you have selected the perfect heating solution for your bathroom, it can then be customised a little with the addition of upgrades such as crosshead valves, adding an extra traditional touch that will make the unit look superb.

To summarise, if you have spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring your bathroom displays an authentic period image, installing such items as freestanding bathtubs and pedestal basins, then the addition of traditional heating is a great, unique way to really pull the overall theme together.

And remember, just because you've opted for a traditional design doesn't mean you can't have the most up to date heating system! Feel free to read our smart heating systems guide and maybe find a system to match your traditional bathroom radiator.

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