Toilet Tactics: How to navigate the loos at a stadium

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1st Feb 2024

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Bathroom queues are always frustrating. And this frustration is only multiplied when you’re nipping to the loo during a football match or a gig, only to be held up and at risk of missing a pivotal moment.

toilet tactics: how to beat the queues

Sure, you could always use the facilities during half-time or at an interval, but queues will likely be astronomical at this point. In fact, according to our research, if everyone in a football stadium tried to go to the toilet at half-time, less than half would make it back in time for the second half!

But never fear - we’ve crunched the numbers to find out the best time for a toilet trip when you’re at a stadium for a game or a gig so that you can pee with peace of mind. 

When is the best time to go to the toilet during a football match?

Our research has determined that the best time to go to the loo during a match is within the first 10 minutes of the game.

Victorian Plumbing toilet tactics

Based on legal requirements, we estimate that the average stadium in the UK has around one toilet for every 44 people. This excludes the likes of Wembley Stadium, who notably boast bogs aplenty, 2,618 toilets to be precise for a capacity of 90,000 (that’s one for every 35 people).

However, generally speaking, this means that if everyone went to the bathroom during half-time, only a third would make it back for the second half. Even if 50% of fans visited the loos during half-time, that’s still an expected queue of about 22 people. Definitely not ideal if you want a pie or a pint, too. 

So we crunched the numbers to find out when a goal is least likely to occur, so you’re most likely to be sitting pretty when your team scores. 

On average, a goal is least likely to be scored within the first ten minutes of the game, with only 8% of goals scored early doors, making this the optimum time to use the loo and avoid a queue.

However, 70% of goal action happens after the 80th minute, so resist the temptation to make an early exit to the bogs! 

When are most goals scored by Premier League teams? 

Although, on average, the least goals are scored within the first ten minutes, this statistic varies from team to team.

Notably in the Premier League, a number of teams score the least goals between the 31-40 minute mark, including Arsenal, Manchester United and Crystal Palace. 

Liverpool fans may be best using the lav around the 60-70 minute mark when Liverpool FC score least often, whereas Nottingham Forest can probably risk a toilet trip around 11-20 minutes into the match. 

toilet tactics

Most teams have the most goal action in the last ten minutes of the game, however Nottingham Forest is the exception. Fans are most likely to see a goal between the 41-50 minute mark, so an early exit (and nipping to the loo on the way) may be on the cards.

Find out when your football team is most and least likely to score below.


toilet tactics

When is the best time to go to the toilet during a gig?

Stadiums in the UK also host many concerts, typically played by huge artists due to the large capacity of the grounds.

These kinds of gigs can last anywhere between two and four hours and usually don’t include an interval. So, how likely is it that you’ll need the loo during the set?

This is based on our calculation that the average person needs one wee every 2 hours and 8 minutes. So the chances are, you will need to run to the bathroom at some point during a stadium tour.

But when to go? Most concerts don’t have an interval, so you need to consider factors such as when the queues will be shortest and longest, your favourite song that you don’t want to miss, and your least favourite song which could be the perfect opportunity.

When is the best time to go to the toilet during Taylor Swift’s Era’s tour?

One of the most highly anticipated UK stadium tours of 2024 is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, where the setlist is estimated to last a staggering 3 hours and 22 minutes. Based on our estimations, it’s more than likely that attendees will need to use the bathroom at least once during this time.


Taylor Swift Toilet Tactics

With a potential queue of up to 22 people, if half of the attendees went for a toilet break at once, Swifties need to be strategic. So, we have picked up three of the best songs which may be the perfect opportunity for a bathroom break.

1. All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

All Too Well (10 Minute Version) is Taylor’s longest song expected to be in the set, meaning it provides the longest amount of time to get back to your seat without missing another song.

The song is also a fan favourite, meaning queues will be short. However, this also means it’s likely to be one of your favourites too, which could potentially rule it out as an option.

2. Blank Space

Blank Space Taylor’s the most streamed song, meaning that queues will likely be at the lowest level with Swifties staying put for their favourite tune. But again, this may not be the ideal time as the chances are it’s one of your top picks too. 

3. Long Live

Possibly the best option, Long Live is the least streamed song of the predicted setlist (excluding surprise songs), and lasts 5 minutes and 15 seconds - a good amount of time to make it to the toilets and back before the end.

Methodology & Sources

The number of people per toilet at the average UK stadium was estimated by dividing capacity by the estimated toilets (as per legal standards) which comes to 44 toilets each (give or take a few decimal places).

Goal Action Timeframe for every ten minute interval was taken from soccerstats.com and was correct as of January 2024.

The estimated number of times an individual needs to urinate a day was determined based on the estimation that the average person urinates 6-7 times per day, and excludes the average amount of sleep per day

Taylor Swift’s estimated setlist and set length were based on setlist.fm as of January 2024 and the streaming statistics were sourced via Kworb.

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