The Top 5 Vanities for Under the Sink Storage

By Megan

4th Jan 2024

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Bathroom vanities are a great solution to clutter in your bathroom. They will add both style and practicality to any bathroom.

Grey double vanity unit in large bathroom with walk in shower, bath and green wall tiles

Bathrooms can become one of the most cluttered rooms in your home, especially with all the endless products and necessities that are used there. Whilst bathroom products such as skincare, toothbrushes and towels are all key items in your bathroom, they can often be a bit of an eyesore. 

When your bathroom becomes cluttered, it can often look messy which will ruin the overall look of your bathroom. To avoid this, it is important that you ensure that your bathroom has sufficient storage that meets your specific needs. For example, family bathrooms with a much higher foot traffic will need to take full advantage of floor space by opting for clever, space saving storage solutions. And a much smaller bathroom or en-suite, which may have much less foot traffic, will still require space saving storage features to allow for maximum movement throughout the smaller space.

One of the best and easiest ways to incorporate storage into your bathroom is to install a practical vanity unit under the sink storage. Not only will a vanity unit give your bathroom some much needed storage, they will also hold your products and necessities in a much more convenient and easy to access place. 

With so many varying styles from modern and contemporary to traditional and Victorian, it can be complicated to settle on the perfect vanity unit for you and your bathroom. That is why we are sharing our top 5  favourite vanity units for under sink storage.


5 Vanities for Under the Sink Storage


1. The Cove White Large Vanity Unit

If this imposing Cove White Vanity Unit can’t solve your bathroom’s mess, little else will. With three drawers and a three-door cupboard, this option has ample space for everything you could possibly need. 

Keep its eye-catching ceramic basin clear by stashing toothbrushes and toothpaste away when not in use, and use its cavernous cupboard to store fresh towels for the entire family. A modern bathroom vanity, this even boasts soft-close doors with brushed chrome handles.


2. Chatsworth Traditional White Corner Vanity Unit

Working with a small bathroom or cloakroom does not mean that you have to sacrifice your storage needs. The Chatsworth Traditional White Corner Vanity Unit is the perfect space saving vanity unit for tight spaces.

By adding this cloakroom vanity unit to your bathroom, you will be maximising the floor space, allowing for full and easy access in small spaces. With a single yet spacious cupboard, you will be granted the perfect storage space for towels, toilet roll and any cleaning products that you keep in your small bathroom. Keeping those eyesore bottles and packaging discreetly out of sight.


3. The Brooklyn Grey Avola Double Basin Vanity Unit

Massively on-trend at the moment, we’re starting to see these double basin vanity units pop up in designer bathrooms and high-class hotels. With separate basins for you and your partner, you’ll never have to fight over the sink again.

Our favourite aspect of this Brooklyn Grey Avola Double Bathroom Vanity is its individual bathroom storage cabinets. This will allow you to keep your personal toiletries disciplined even if your partner prefers to take a more, shall we say, ‘scattered’ approach. With minimalist, modern styling this bathroom unit is sure to look fresh for years to come.


4. The Keswick Blue Traditional Vanity Unit

Another stellar option, this Keswick Blue Vanity Unit effortlessly blends design elements from traditional and contemporary styles. An immense two-door cabinet and two soft-close drawers that are all intensified by the use of beautiful polished chrome handles.

The sheer size of this bathroom vanity ensures that you’ll never struggle for space. You’ll likely have room for the less compact bathroom supplies such as toilet rolls and cleaning supplies. We suggest pairing it with another item from the Keswick range to build an even more consistent theme.


5. Montrose Dove Grey Double Basin Vanity Unit

An attractive alternate look for any houseproud folk who want to show off their best towels. The Montrose Dove Grey Double Basin Vanity Unit features a unique exposed shelf design as well as two convenient drawers.

Another dual basin bathroom vanity, you and a partner will both have acres of space in the bathroom even if you’re both up for work at the same time. This double vanity unit would look especially great in modern and on trend contemporary style bathrooms.



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